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Six benefits of pursuing a DevOps career

Combining technical know-how with critical communication and operational skills, DevOps is a flourishing IT philosophy, which can transform an organisation’s ability to deliver applications and services at pace and scale. As well as a tech phenomenon, it’s now a strong career prospect, open to a broad range of professionals within the IT space, as well as those with process-oriented backgrounds.

Do you have a thirst for knowledge and the desire to make a lasting impact in your role? With high demand for new talent to enter the practice, We share six benefits of pursuing a DevOps career.

Multiple opportunities in the profession

With a prevalent skills shortage within the DevOps recruitment market, and thousands of jobs across the UK requiring DevOps or platform engineering experience, pursuing a DevOps career presents you with endless job opportunities.

Mat Knutton, Head of Permanent Technology Recruitment at Robert Walters Manchester comments, “It is now more difficult than ever to source top talent. Demand for DevOps professionals far outstretching supply with approximately only 25,000 to 30,000 currently working in the UK. DevOps Engineers are currently a highly sought-after commodity.”

“As a DevOps Engineer, there are opportunities for you to work in any company across the IT sector. Start-ups within the industry are looking to integrate a DevOps model into their business straight away, and consultancies and large technology multinationals are creating new DevOps Engineer roles to strengthen their current tech teams.”

Continuously evolving practice

As a relatively new methodology, DevOps is prone to continuous developments and enhancements, making it an exciting time to join the profession.

Mat continues, “DevOps is a concept still in its infancy regarding its adoption across the tech industry. As a result, it’s prone to ongoing improvements as new tools and technologies constantly emerge which enhance the way it can deliver even more dynamically as an organisational function.”

“Automation, microservice architecture and server less technologies are just some of the disruptive technologies transforming DevOps. DevSecOps also represents a further stride, aiming towards a seamless collaboration between IT operations and security. With the industry currently the hive of activity, it’s a brilliant time to make your mark in a DevOps Engineer role.”

Future proof your career

Californian software engineering services company Calsoft reported that in 2017, 78% of CIOs and CTOs considered implementing DevOps into their organisation (a 4% increase on 2016). With a further increase anticipated this year as multiple tech businesses realise the benefits of DevOps Engineers that can work across functions, now is the time forge a sustainable career in the field.

As DevOps continues to revolutionise modern business technology, more specialist senior-level positions are expected to be formed in the next five years, with wide-scale adoption of DevOps anticipated across the industry.

Mat explains, “DevOps signifies a culture shift within technology, unifying development skills with interpersonal skills, critical thinking and a desire to initiate positive change. Possessing both a technical and soft skills allows you to collaborate with multiple teams and have an overarching view of the business. The integrative, cross-functional culture behind DevOps will shape the technology landscape going forward, so pursuing a DevOps Engineer role will equip you with a varied skillset that will boost your career.”

“As DevOps continues to revolutionise modern business technology, more specialist senior-level positions are expected to be formed in the next five years, with wide-scale adoption of DevOps anticipated across the industry. This means there is ample opportunity for internal progression as businesses invest in a DevOps function.”      

Endless possibilities to learn and develop

A DevOps career allows you to deploy a broad set of skills which you are constantly refining due to the new challenges you solve every day.

“It’s an endlessly fascinating career, encompassing a wide variety of work. Being part of the infinite DevOps process from build to release, you are constantly increasing your understanding of the framework, encountering new technologies and acquiring new knowledge to enable the faster deployment of better quality software.”

“Having involvement in each element of the DevOps ecosystem also gives you a wider business understanding as you work to maintain and monitor an effective relationship between operations and development.”

Make a real business impact

One of the main drivers for DevOps Engineers is the opportunity to truly deliver tangible business outcomes within the role.

“DevOps breaks down barriers between organisational functions which have historically sat in silos, including product, engineering, security, quality assurance and operations. This allows you to apply an attuned business focus when delivering applications and services at high velocity.”

“There are not many positions available where you can have such an impact on a business. By having such a critical, all-encompassing role, you are able to articulate exactly how your actions have improved and streamlined software quality and delivery.”

Flexibility and enhanced benefits

The rewards for DevOps Engineers in terms of flexibility and remuneration are among the most lucrative in IT.

“In the UK, on average the salary for DevOps Engineersis roughly 20% higher than salaries across the IT sector. Depending on the location, type of organisation and whether you opt for a consultancy or end-user role, the salary for a DevOps Engineer can range from £55k right up to £130k.”

“Furthermore, there has been an upturn over the past few years in the number of overseas companies, particularly the USA, employing DevOps Engineers based in the UK that can conduct applications development and operational support outside business hours, due to being on a different time zone. As a result, professionals can enjoy the flexibility of remote working whilst receiving an inflated US salary.”

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