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Recruitment market intelligence

Delivering data led reports and hiring intelligence to drive business growth

With over 37 years of experience supporting the talent strategies of businesses across the globe, we have learned how to harness the power of data-led hiring intelligence to help you make the best recruitment decisions.

Coupling our recruitment experts with a dedicated market intelligence function means we can provide you with access to the world’s best specialist professionals.

Whether you are looking to diversify your workforce, grow your team, find in-demand skills, or relocate a business function, we can make your hiring strategy thrive through a data-led approach.

Our market intelligence team use a wide variety of data sources combined with a methodical approach to deliver a unique approach to salary and benefits benchmarking, talent and market mapping and competitor intelligence.

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What Market Intelligence services does Robert Walters offer?

Salary & Benefits Benchmarking

Using data to define compensation and benefits

Using a combination of our own recruitment data, publicly available insights and the knowledge of our recruitment experts, we build bespoke overviews of the compensation and benefits required to attract the best talent. 

  • Detailed compensation analysis by industry and role
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Benefits assessment
  • Salary and inflation research service


Talent Mapping & Competitor Insights

Using data to identify the best professionals

Using our established data model we evaluate the availability of professionals to ensure our searches find the best talent through data led marketing campaigns across job advertising, social media and pro-active headhunting. We also compare your offering to that of your competitors to know how to attract and retain the best talent

  • Identify the best professionals from the competition
  • Uncover transferable skills  
  • Improve your EVP to attract the best talent
  • Explore key hiring trends in your industry



Company Expansion & Relocation Analysis

Using data to define the best talent pools

Using both our own data and external sources we support strategic expansion and relocation plans, analysing talent pools across geographies using the following criteria:

  • Talent availability
  • Skill trends
  • Hiring demand and pay rates
  • Competitor landscape


Salary & Inflation Research Service

Accurate analysis of inflationary trends

Utilising in-house Market Intelligence data sets, we supply historical and live salary information that allows you to track trends over a given time period. 

  • Accurate salary percentiles and averages based on historic and real-time data
  • Available in various countries across the globe
  • Bespoke reporting including historic data and subscription services






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What are the key benefits of hiring intelligence?

Using hiring intelligence will benefit your company in a wealth of ways.

Improve your talent attraction & retention rate


Make reliable decisions with impartial & accurate data


Avoid losing top talent to competitors


Our Recruitment Market Intelligence team will take the time to understand the problems your company is facing to provide data and market insight tailored specifically to your business needs.

Find out how more about how these services can benefit your business by requesting a quote.


View a hiring intelligence report

Find out more about what is included within your bespoke market intelligence report.

Why partner with the Robert Walters Market Intelligence team?

Our agile mindset allows us to build collaborative partnerships with businesses to provide tailored, custom-made hiring intelligence that meets their specific requirements, allowing businesses to leverage on our sophisticated global research team, the latest market software, diverse & broad candidate network and subject-matter experts.
To deliver our recruitment market intelligence services, we use a wide variety of data sources combined with a methodical approach to ensure the accuracy and validity of our data, with in-depth statistical rigour to provide strong market analysis.



  • What is recruitment market intelligence?
    Hiring intelligence (or talent/recruitment intelligence) enables companies to source data and gain actionable insights about the job market, candidate availability, and competitor activities, facilitating informed decision-making in the recruitment process.
  • Who is recruitment market intelligence for?
    We find hiring intelligence is useful for anyone involved in financial decision-making, people management, and recruitment teams. Dependent on the requirements needed, recruitment market intelligence is useful for a variety of professionals, such as CEOs, MDs, Heads of Recruitment, Finance Directors, Procurement Officers or CIOs.
  • Where does the data come from?
    Using a combination of our own recruitment data, paid-for data partners, publicly available market insights and the knowledge of our recruitment experts, we build bespoke overviews of the compensation and benefits required to attract the best talent. All data collated is internally checked to ensure maximum validity.
  • Can I see an example of a market intelligence report?
    Yes, you can request a sample of our market intelligence reports. Please complete our form to find out more about what is included within your market intelligence report. Someone from the team will be in touch to deliver your sample report
  • How bespoke are the services?
    When it comes to our market intelligence services, no two projects are the same meaning all our reports are bespoke. Upon your enquiry, we will have a call to understand your hiring intelligence needs and business problem. We will then construct a methodology on how best to fix this issue and deliver our suggestions. We can break-down our data down into several categories: company size, industry, location, sector, and job title. If the data is available, we can tailor this to meet your requirements. If we do not believe we can offer you the services you need, we make you aware of this upon our first call.
  • What is the approximate cost of the services?
    Our cost is completely dependent on how many person-hours delivery will take. We have a team of in-house analysts who will provide accurate quotations upon discussing your bespoke hiring intelligence requirements.