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About Robert Walters UK

Since our establishment in 1985, our belief remains the same: Building strong relationships with people is vital in a successful partnership.

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Our purpose

Powering people and organisations to fulfil their unique potential

The seniority and expertise of our consultants provides us with the ability to understand your specific need, the challenges your organisation is facing and the issues at stake.

We also grant efficient shadow management and a follow-up process for each assignment in order to ensure its success.

Result-driven approach

In addition, we adopt an operational, result-driven approach to all our assignments. The first step is to gain a complete understanding of the position for which an interim manager is required. What is the current context? How do you position the interim manager in your organisation? What is your company culture? What will be the scope and his/her responsibilities?

This information forms the basis of a detailed proposal, so that no ambiguity can exist around scope and expectations. Interim managers will sign a confidentiality agreement before being given access to any details concerning your business.

Action plan

Once you have chosen the best suited candidate for the role, the interim manager will document his/her findings in the first weeks of the assignment and draw up an action plan. This plan is then discussed in a follow-up meeting between all parties to share the targets that the interim manager seeks to achieve, the progress of which is subsequently monitored by periodic meetings.

Why use an interim manager

  • Long term absence, redundancy, maternity leave,...
  • Lengthy recruitments
  • Bring in specific competences
  • Crisis, conflicts
  • Enterprise lifecycle
  • Succession

What sets Robert Walters Interim Management apart?

  • The senior level of experience of our consultants
  • The exceptional degree of attention and thoroughness in our approach
  • The eagerness and tenacity to work towards a qualitative result within a short timeframe
  • The diversity in our team’s expertise
  • The strength of our network
  • The dedication and partnership with our clients


Whether you are a client requiring an interim solution, or a candidate looking to make the most of your skills, Robert Walters is ideally positioned to assist you.


On his journey to becoming a Chief Product Officer, Mike partnered with us to establish his network in the North and escalate his career.


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