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The Importance of client management

In today's market, where customers are constantly prospected, loyalty cannot be taken for granted. Successful sales professionals understand the importance of forging sincere relationships with clients and know it is just as critical as "making the sale".

You should aim to go above and beyond for all clients, and build sincere relationships with your clients. Below are some easy steps that will help build brand loyalty, increase client retention and promote sales growth for you and your company.   

View client management positively

The perceived quality of a product or service weighs heavily on client satisfaction. It’s the difference between what is expected and what is delivered. Many professionals may see client management (or customer service) as a burden, keeping them from hitting their short term sales targets, but in reality it is this aspect of the job that can generate referrals, provide opportunities for cross-selling and allow you to up sell a current client. Remember that clients are the foundation of your success and engaging with clients beyond just the sales pitch makes all the difference.

Simon Cannon, Manager of Sales Recruitment at Robert Walters, says “It is essential for sales professionals to recognise the long tem importance in client and customer management. Building these relationships now opens so many doors in the future and pays off in the long run. When a client feels like they have a relationship with you they will come to you first when they have a problem or a need, rather than going out to market.”

Set and manage realistic expectations

You should aim to go above and beyond for all clients, and build sincere relationships with your clients. 


One of the worst things you can do is promise a client wildly unrealistic expectations that you, or your company, can’t deliver on. Be honest and open with your clients and provide realistic expectations, and deliver on them.

“Its always safe to under-promise and over-deliver. You may think you are letting the client down by under-promising but by continuously hitting your targets and delivering on time, sometimes even early, you will gain a reputation for reliability” Simon continues.

Respond to clients quickly

Always remember your clients are the foundation to your success, and a quick response to inquiries, feedback or comments leaves a lasting impact on clients. Even when you are busy and don't have time to respond at length, let your clients know that their communication was received and that you sill get back to them shortly. This reinforces to clients that they are a priority to you.

Document important information

Really great client management means you know more than just the basics about your client. If they mention important information (their birthdays, kids names and interests are good examples) make sure to document this. You can bring this up again in future conversations and clients will know you really listen when they speak.

“Another excellent tip is to send personal cards or notes to your clients once a year. If they are promoted or during the holidays are good times to send one. This added touch will highlight further that your clients are important to you” says Simon.

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