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How can talent mapping help you uncover the best candidates?

Many organisations want to learn more about where the top candidates for their market are located across the country, including key candidate behaviours and preferences as well as overall hiring demands for certain roles - particularly when it comes to the actions of your top competitors.

Few employers have access to data that’s tailored around their business; this can be an invaluable guide to combat potential issues affecting overall hiring success. That’s where our bespoke talent mapping service helps to bridge the gap.

What is talent mapping?

The Robert Walters talent mapping service is a valuable tool for organisations seeking to optimise their workforce and achieve strategic goals, through the process of identifying, analysing, and tracking the skills and abilities of individuals within an organisation, across the country.

By providing a clear picture of the talent landscape, the data delivered by our in-house market intelligence team will help you make informed decisions about talent acquisition, development, and retention.

Data supplied within our talent mapping service includes:

  1. Skills, experience, career aspirations, and performance data shaped around your talent of interest.
  2. The availability and hiring demand of potential candidates with the skills and experience needed for key roles in your business.
  3. Workforce trends and skill requirements, including changes in technology and the competitive landscape.
  4. A talent heatmap, which includes a visual representation of the talent landscape, a summary of key findings, and recommendations for action.

When should you consider talent mapping?

A bespoke talent mapping service can help companies understand the current and future workforce needs and identify potential talent gaps. This data can be used to make informed decisions about hiring, training, and succession planning. Additional key benefits of the service include:

  1. An educated search of the market: Locating in-demand talent, specifically relating to the candidates you are looking to attract, as well as uncovering competitor organisational structures and movements.
  2. Competitive advantage: Finding talent with transferable skills as well as where competitors have located their talent. Companies can also use the data to make strategic decisions to leverage their strengths and address areas of weakness, for a more competitive advantage.
  3. Improved talent acquisition: By understanding the landscape and potential sources of future talent, companies can make better hiring decisions for key roles.
  4. Enhanced employee engagement and retention: By understanding the skills, experience, and career aspirations of current employees, companies can create more engaging and meaningful work opportunities, leading to increased employee satisfaction and reduced turnover.

Looking to learn more about Robert Walters Talent Mapping services? Request a sample of one of our reports or submit a quote for your talent requirement.

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