The UK Fintech Revolution

The UK Fintech Revolution with blue city skyline at night and orange blurred lines

The UK banking industry is experiencing a wave of innovation, spearheaded by fintechs who are digitising core payment services traditionally provided by banks. Digital banking has now shifted from being an 'option' to a 'requirement' in order to meet the demands of the technology-savvy millennial generation. As the sector experiences a pivotal digital shift, what does this mean for hiring?

Robert Walters has partnered with VacancySoft to deliver 'The UK Fintech Revolution', a market report measuring the profound impact of fintechs on the banking industry, with a specific focus on the evolving hiring patterns of both fintechs and traditional banks.

The report explores:

  • The trajectory of fintech over the past 5 years
  • The influence of Venture Capitalists (VC) on industry growth
  • The impact of fintech on banking
  • Key recruitment trends in fintech including role 'hotspots'
  • The impact of Brexit on salaries
  • Growth profiles of leading UK fintech unicorns


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