Robert Walters Guide for UK Start-ups:

How to Build a Winning Team

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The UK's tech start-ups and scale-ups have boomed in the last 18 months, ignited by the pandemic and changing global behaviours. With rapid growth comes the need to fine-tune your hiring process to ensure you recruit leaders who will accelerate business growth, shape the company culture and facilitate business success.


In the 'Robert Walters Guide to UK Start-Ups: How to Build a Winning Team' We offer best practice advice when approaching your first time executive hires across Product, Engineering, Go-To-Market, Design, Information Security, Finance, People/Talent and Legal.

The report explores:

  • What you need to consider when making a new functional hire
  • How to identify strong Product, Engineering, Go-To-Market, Design, Information Security, Finance, People/Talent and Legal professionals
  • What skills and capabilities to look out for in your functional hires
  • Common mistakes to avoid

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