Our campaigns and whitepapers

As a recruitment partner, we strive to add further value to your recruitment strategy with diverse campaigns that address key recruitment topics, as well as providing insights into hiring the best talent for your business and leading market research.

Our portfolio of industry whitepapers take an in-depth look at the key recruitment trends and talent management issues impacting employers today. Produced on a quarterly basis, the whitepapers form a series of publications designed to assist employers in developing their recruitment approach and talent strategies.

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Improving Mental Health

The Importance of Mental Health Strategies in Attracting Top Talent explores current approaches to support the mental health and wellbeing of staff and how you can reshape your mental health strategy. 

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Solving the UK Skills Shortage

Robert Walters, totaljobs and Jobsite have surveyed over 5,000 professionals across the UK gaining insight into key industry trends and highlighting key recruitment strategies to combat the skills gap.

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Empowering Women at Work

Our Empowering Women in the Workplace research provides insight into how to attract and retain women in professional disciplines, and promote workplace diversity. Read our latest insights.

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Workplace Culture

The role of Workplace Culture in Recruiting Top Talent explores the key strategies that employers can use to identify and attract candidates who will thrive in the culture of their company.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment details the key strategies that employers can use to access more diverse talent pools to create a workforce that is diverse and inclusive.

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Hiring Contractors

Maximising the Value of Contractors provides key insights on why you should hire contractors, expectations of the recruitment process and how you can get the most from contractor resource.