Where is your IT architecture career heading?

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The role of the modern IT Architect is changing, so it's important to keep ahead in your architecture role and ensure you’re maximising the potential of your skill set.

Looking to boost your architecture career? Jonathan Basnett, Senior Consultant of Technology Recruitment at Robert Walters, flags five things you should look for from your employer.


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First of type work

Within your role, the best way to optimise your skill set is to have the ability to deliver world-class architectural solutions that enable complete business transformation – this is where architecture is at its most complex, challenging and technically enriching for professionals.

If you’re work is becoming stagnant, stale and repetitive, there’s little encouragement for professional development – look for opportunities where your role can drive cultural and technological change. Exposure to new industries such as aviation and airlines, where there’s a strong push to improve customer experience and major investment in technologies, you could see your experience growing exponentially.

Ability to see beyond your own role

Many architecture roles are very specific and require expert knowledge on a particular area of a larger enterprise environment. However, some roles allow architects to work across a broad range of projects, allowing you to develop multiple skills simultaneously. We find that many employers we work with are looking for their architects to be adept at building close business relationships beyond technology. Being technically proficient is important but demonstrating your stakeholder management skills will take you a long way.

Opportunities are available that allow you to cultivate this skill set, playing a more pivotal role in the business and seeing the impact your strategic architectural decisions make across an entire company.  


Seek out employers that are dedicated to your professional development and can accomplish your leadership ambitions. You’ll benefit working for an organisation with a trusted development programme in place. For example, working as a Business Domain Architect and gaining the experience of overseeing transformation across multiple operations can lead to headship or directorate positions – will your employer support you to get there?

Exposure to the latest technology

Has your employer been using the same technologies for the past few years? Businesses that continually invest in the latest technologies hire, develop and retain the best architecture talent.

Rather than continuing to work with technologies that become obsolete, opt for an employer that will allow you to become an expert in newer platforms which will be essential to master as the role of IT architecture evolves.

Global scope

Think bigger – working as part of a global operation can allow you to interact with different cultures, allowing you to gain fresh ideas and perspectives on your work. Travel opportunities can allow you to learn from some of the most experienced professionals in the field willing to share their knowledge.

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