Becoming a digital marketer

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Technology is a booming and thriving industry and businesses who do not adapt accordingly are at huge risk of demise. This means digital marketing specialists are in demand as businesses in all industries respond to the change for this crucial marketing function. 

“The opportunities for pursuing a career in digital marketing are increasingly on the rise as companies look to expand their digital teams. This is resulting in an increase of newly created roles as opposed to replacement hires,” said Tom Mullin, Associate Director at Robert Walters.

The power of digital marketing

Digital marketing is an important and forceful tool. Not only is it rapidly growing but this will continue into the future as the world focuses on the power of technology. “Digital marketing in many ways has or will replace traditional aspects of marketing altogether,” continued Tom.

Is digital marketing right for me?

Digital marketing is an excellent career choice for you are tech savvy, excited to trying new things and engaged by fresh ideas. 

“By its very nature, digital marketing is an innovate career path as it draws in professionals who are willing to learn new processes, enjoy ever-changing technological climates and can thrive in a fast-paced environment,” said Tom.

Professionals who enjoy seeing the results of their work on a daily basis will find digital marketing very rewarding.

If this sounds like you, you should then determine what aspect of digital marketing you are interested in. The field is comprised of many aspects including online advertising, email marketing and social media marketing so it is best to gain an understanding of which each entails and to where your skill set and interests are most applicable. 

Developing your skills

Digital marketing requires technical skills and a thorough understanding of online technologies. Whilst these are skills you may develop in your current marketing role, it is not wise to rely on these solely. 

“Learning and understanding the jargon associate with digital marketing is imperative to your success,” continued Tom. “Terms like ‘search engine optimisation’, ‘pay per click’ and ‘search engine marketing’ are not only terms that you must understand, but you must additionally know the implications these tools have on your businesses digital marketing strategy”.


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