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Personal assistant salaries to grow in 2017

The Robert Walters Global Salary Survey has revealed that personal assistants will see the strongest salary growth.

Bank of England Breakfast Seminar

The Bank of England’s Peter Andrews joined Robert Walters Deputy CEO Giles Daubeney to look at the UK’s economic outlook for 2017.
Is social media hurting your job search?

Is social media hurting your job search?

Social media is playing an increasingly prominent role in recruitment, but how should you use these tools effectively to secure a job?
Seven killer interview questions

Seven killer interview questions

While every job interview is different there are some common questions you can almost guarantee to be asked. We look at them here to help you prepare.
Six top tips to master Skype interviews

Tips for Skype interviews

With web-based interviews on the rise we can offer you help to prepare you for a Skype interview and feel comfortable in an online setting.
Professionals enjoying time away from work

Work-life balance is important

A healthy work life balance is highly rated by financial services professionals, despite them working the longest hours of any profession.
two people looking for temporary jobs

Benefits of temporary positions

Ever thought about temping? It can be a great way to build experience and skills and to get a foot in the door.
How to get a job offer from your internship

Post-internship job offers

Many companies offer new professionals internships at the start of their career. Here are 7 tips to help you secure a role after an internship.
Professional preparing for a competency based interview

Competency based interviews tips

Competency interviews are renowned for being tough, but these top 5 tips should help you prepare and interview confidently.