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Jonny Morton on six reasons to move your tax career in-house

Six reasons to move your tax career in-house

Jonny Morton, a tax specialist recruitment consultant at Robert Walters shares six reasons moving your tax career in-house will benefit your tax career.
Victoria Stanton discussing how to become a credit manager

How to become a credit manager before you're 30

Are you a credit control professional ready to take the step to manager? Victoria Stanton, head of our credit control recruitment division, identifies five key elements you need to become a credit control manager.
Female professional looking for latest opportunities

Six ways to turn a job rejection to your advantage

No one enjoys getting turned down for a job. But with the right mindset, you can turn the experience into a career development opportunity
Female professional looking for a recruitment consultant

What to look for in a recruitment consultant

There are plenty of recruitment consultancies out there but, with each varying significantly in terms of experience, expertise and style, how do you find the one that’s right for you? Here are five key questions to ask…
Man discussing his latest project with two colleagues

Feel like a fraud at work? Dealing with imposter syndrome

Do you have a nagging worry that you don’t deserve the job you’re in and any day now you’re going to be outed as a fraud in your workplace? You’re not alone. Read our tips on how to deal with imposter syndrome
Two men in suits discussing one's resignation letter

Countdown to the perfect resignation

You've been offered a counter offer and now you need to resign from your current position. Here we offer advice how how to resign from your current employer in the right way.
A female professional in an interview with a HR Manager

Why you need to take your HR interview seriously

During some interview process you may also have to face the HR Manager. Here we review why this stage is important and why you need to take the HR interview seriously.

5 questions to ask when considering a counter-offer

Changing jobs is never easy. Before accepting a new role, you should keep in mind if you're ready for this new opportunity. Here we suggest 5 key questions to ask when considering a counter-offer.
front page of the complete interview guide

The complete interview guide

We’ve been in business for 32 years so we know a thing or two about what it takes to nail a job interview. Drawing on the knowledge of our expert recruiters we’ve developed this comprehensive guide, designed to help you conduct successful interviews and therefore outshine the competition.