Best ways to reach top tier professionals

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To ensure you secure top talent, it is important to look at your full recruitment strategy and make sure to use a mix of traditional and innovative approaches to reach skilled professionals, according to new research - Solving the UK Skills Shortage 

Integrating these three strategies into your recruitment plan can strengthen your brand and help you to stay visible and attract both active and passive professionals.

"Having a full recruitment strategy ensures a company is using all available tools to reach top-tier candidates" explains Chris Hickey, CEO - UK, Middle East & Africa at Robert Walters.

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Job boards

In 2018, job boards will continue to be a leading tool for candidates, with three in four jobseekers highlighting it as their primary means of looking for their next role.

By working with job boards to ensure they understand the needs of the role and the ideal candidate profile, hiring managers and internal HR can have more success with a highly targeted campaign.

Through nationwide brand awareness, advanced online targeting, email and banner ad campaigns to engage millions of candidates, job boards are often a potential candidate’s first port of call towards finding a new job, making them a useful source for employers.

Partnering with a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies can be one of the best ways to streamline your hiring strategy and make sure you are cutting through the average applications to see the best potential employees.

73% of professionals said they work with recruitment companies to find their next career step, yet only 54% of employers said they work with recruitment agencies to combat skills shortages.

Through a multi-platform strategy of headhunting, targeted advertising, and utilising their database and network, a recruitment consultant can provide you with a shortlist of suitable professionals with the specific skills needed, saving both time and resources. Having a full recruitment strategy ensures a company is using all available tools to reach top-tier candidates

Social media

Social networking sites are advantageous for hiring managers who use them for posting jobs as well as researching candidates.

Nearly 20% of jobseekers also highlighted that they look for roles on alternative social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Only 12% of hiring managers say this is a strategy they use to promote their positions.

As the use of social media continues to grow in importance, and more professionals choose to profile their skills and experience on multiple platforms, employers will benefit by implementing it into their recruitment strategy.

Download the full research to find out the best ways you can use social media to strengthen your recruitment strategy. 


Robert Walters partnered with totaljobs and Jobsite to survey over 5,000 professionals across the UK to gain insight into key shortage trends, the potential impact of Brexit in a global market, changing candidate expectations, individual industry analysis and innovative recruitment strategies to combat skills gaps.