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Building an attractive employment proposition

As a small or medium-sized business it is key to identify the strengths and advantages you have over larger companies when creating your employment proposition. 

In particular, being a smaller business means you have the capacity to be flexible and to avoid the bureaucracy that is associated with larger organisations.

This can be attractive to potential employees and is therefore an important aspect of your employment proposition.

When identifying your employment proposition, think about your company culture, your workplace policies and what it is like to work at your business.

Company culture

Small and medium-sized businesses have the potential to maintain close cooperation between staff far more effectively than a large multinational company, making your company culture one of collaboration and team work, rather than bureaucracy and formal structures.

According to a recent Robert Walters survey, 91% of respondents said that a collaborative and ethical workplace was important to them. Therefore, taking advantage of this is key towards attracting high calibre candidates.

In order to promote a positive company culture, as a smaller firm, you should consider:

  • Create a sociable workplace through company events
  • Use secondments to allow staff to gain an overview of the business
  • Encourage staff to work together on charity initiatives

Workplace flexibility

Flexibility in terms of working strategies is often listed by professionals as one of the biggest advantages of working for a small and medium-sized business.

Embracing policies like remote and flexible working, adapting to the needs of staff in order to attract and retain them, will help to build an attractive employment proposition.

Three steps to build your employee value proposition

  1. Take the initiative in building a social, inclusive company culture, taking advantage of your smaller size to create a cohesive and cooperative team
  2. Show your staff that you are interested in their well-being through policies designed to enhance their health and satisfaction at work, e.g. subsidised gym membership or complimentary healthy food
  3. Don't be afraid to challenge larger organisations in high-profile industry awards - your ability to innovate and adapt can give you an edge in these competitions

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