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5 tips for a happy mindset at work

Is your working day lacking positivity?

Having a happy mindset at work is key to creating an environment that makes you motivated to succeed in your current job. However, high workloads, long working hours and a busy schedule can make this challenging – in fact according to a recent YouGov survey, more than half of employees suffer from work-related stress.

Explore our top tips to help you reach a happier mindset at work. 


1. Healthy work/life balance

31% of UK employees feel that they do not have a good work life balance

Having a healthy work/life balance has never been more important, especially as post-Covid working conditions have encouraged hybrid working, blurring the boundaries between home and work life. It is important to clearly establish the boundaries between your personal and professional life so that you can switch off after work. This will allow you to unwind and feel recharged for the next working day.

2. Take regular breaks 

82% of professionals do not take a full lunch break, with two thirds of workers eating lunch at their desk most days

Even if you have a heavy workload, you should make a conscious effort to take some time away from your desk. This could be a short walk around the building or making a drink if you are working from home. Taking these short intervals will give you some time to refresh before starting your next task, help to maintain your concentration levels and more importantly, stop you from getting burnt out. 

3. Seek out feedback

Asking for feedback from your manager can give you a positive reinforcement that you are doing well in your current role and provide you with improvements that you can utilise to better your skillset. This will not only raise your morale by giving you direction, but also show your manager that you are committed to progressing in your role and that you are invested in the company's success.

4. Identify the meaning in your work

Finding the meaning your work has can make you feel much happier and more satisfied about your career and will give you the motivation to progress and put more thought into your work. No matter what industry you work in or the job you do, the responsibilities you have will often have an important impact on your organisation, your colleagues, or the public.

5. Find reasons to celebrate

Celebrations can bring happiness and excitement into the office, as it gives you a chance to bond with your colleagues and spend time together away from the office environment. Celebrations can include Birthday's, personal or professional milestones or even finishing a team project.

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