The future of the finance function

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Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, many finance functions across a range of organisations and sectors were already undergoing transformation or evaluating their operating models.

This was largely in response to a broad and well-documented set of challenges and drivers, which included managing costs, delivering value, attracting and retaining talent, making efficient use of technology and automation, and complying with new regulations.

This report identifies five key drivers of change that will have a prominent impact on the way finance functions operate within a business over the next 3-5 years:

  • The impact of Covid-19: exercising contingency plans
  • Society & the workplace: remote working, diversity & inclusion, employer value proposition
  • Business partners: the changing face of finance and skills in demand
  • Intelligent systems: mobile apps, data, AI and automation
  • Economy & regulation: the continuation of globalisation

This report is based on a Robert Walters survey among 5,500 professionals and 2,200 global companies across 31 countries worldwide, as well as holding one-to-one interviews with CFOs and Heads of Finance to find out what factors will continue to drive change in the next few years.

Driving Diversity & Inclusion in finance

Looking to push forward your D&I strategy? We surveyed 7,500 professionals to understand the state of play of D&I across UK and Irish workplaces.

Partnering with D&I organisations and employers, our strategic report highlights the key trends, issues and best practice examples of D&I in action, providing you with a strategic roadmap to improve your approach to diversity and inclusion across the following areas: Gender, LGBTQi+, Ethnicity, Age and Disability.

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