EdTech: the Hyper-accelerator

The disruptive potential of the infant tech sector 

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A market still in its infancy, the UK’s education technology (EdTech) sector has proven to be an economic powerhouse in an adverse business climate. Revolutionising the way education can be delivered to students and professionals, EdTech has proven its value in enabling learning to continue remotely in the midst a global pandemic, while simultaneously breaking down the barriers that prevent marginalised groups from accessing it. 

In the Robert Walters Tech Series, developed in collaboration with VacancySoft, we analyse the role of Covid-19 in unearthing the sector’s disruptive potential. As UK EdTech pushes to the forefront of VC investment, we identify the technical skills the UK talent pool needs to cultivate to keep pace with sector demand. 


The report explores:

  • The explosive impact of Covid-19 on the UK EdTech sector
  • UK vacancy growth and regional hotspots
  • Skills in demand and salary benchmarks
  • Growing investment into EdTech
  • An industry insight from KidsLoop
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What will be the key drivers for growth in EdTech over the next 5 years? KidsLoop - a next generation platform for early childhood education, share their predictions for growth for the flourishing UK EdTech sector.

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