So you want to be a procurement manager

So you want to be a procurement manager

As a Procurement Manager, you will lead the team that is responsible for procuring all the services and goods a business needs to operate. We look at the job in more detail.

What do procurement managers do?

Primarily, you will be responsible for leading the procurement team in getting the goods or services the business needs at the right time and achieving the best value. The exact nature of this varies from organisation to organisation but can include everything from purchasing the energy a factory needs and buying the raw materials to make a product to even sourcing of a recruitment company to supply the staff you need.

What would be my main priorities?

You will need to be a key driver of efficiency for the business, implementing processes that minimise the business waste while ensuring the day-to-day operations of the business runs smoothly. You will need to source suppliers – often on an international basis, negotiate and manage contracts and build key relationships with both suppliers and the internal teams. Procurement managers need to stay on top of new trends, regulation and technology as they often will be expected to lead on innovation and cost savings as these ultimately can create a competitive advantage for the business.

What skills do I need to become a procurement manager?

Negotiation, interpersonal and communication skills are key to the role as the job will require you to lean on your networks to get the best price for your business. You will also need to have good finance abilities and be capable of managing budgets as cost is always a key priority for people in these roles. As a procurement manager, you will need to know what the business needs, when, and in what volume. You will therefore need strong forecasting and planning skills, and the ability to correctly assess the needs of the business. 

Which qualifications are required?

Unlike in finance and legal, there isn't a license to practice. Procurement professionals often therefore come from varied backgrounds. Most employers prefer candidates who have earned a bachelor degree in a related area such as business or economics, logistics, supply chain management or purchasing. People who are interested in this position can pursue BTEC, HND/HNC, or NVQ certifications as well a CIPS qualifications. 

As a Procurement Manager, you will lead the team that is responsible for procuring all the services and goods a business needs to operate. 

How much can I earn working as a procurement manager?

Procurement Managers can expect to earn anywhere between £50 – 70k in a permanent role and £350 – 550 per day in a interim position, depending on experience, seniority and the industry you work in.

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