4 Key Candidate Market Trends in 2022:  Cyber Security

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Hiring and operational trends within the Cyber Security market have evolved significantly over recent years – but how will the market develop further in the months ahead? 

With cyberattacks becoming even more prominent, as remote working has become more widely adopted, it is vital to monitor how the market is transforming. Darius Goodarzi, Information Security and IT Risk Principal at Robert Walters, shares the 4 key trends which he believes will shape the landscape in 2022.

Security as a Service skills will be in demand

Last year, we saw a significant increase in Security as a Service offerings to help mitigate risks in SaaS platforms – specifically Saas Security Posture Management tools (SSPM). These tools take a closer look at a business’s SaaS offering, monitoring activity, and safeguarding compliance.

As businesses invest in their security programmes further, we expect to see further increases in the number of SSPM tools utilised. 

With this increase comes a higher demand for candidates that have experience in implementing these tools, as well as knowledge of how these tools interact with business systems. Candidates with substantial experience in this area will certainly be more advantageous to hiring managers.

The use of Cloud will grow

Cloud adoption has come part and parcel with digital tranformation, however we are expecting to see an increase in businesses evolving to a multi-Cloud strategy in order to accelerate their digital transformation plans even further. Essentially, businesses are no longer putting all their eggs in one basket. Multi-Cloud is far more secure with better back-up, should any outages occur. Using different Cloud services is also valuable because they can perform better at certain tasks, allowing businesses to reap the benefits of each provider. Businesses will no doubt be looking for talent that can distinguish these benefits to best strengthen their contingency plans. 

The need for DevSecOps talent will continue

Traditionally, security checks would be completed after a project was almost fully developed. This meant a lot of time was wasted having to rewrite code to mitigate any security threats. In recent years, IT infrastructure has completely transformed to cut time and cost where possible, whilst strengthening security.

DevSecOps was introduced as a way of everyone being accountable for security, implementing security decisions constantly throughout the process of development. 

The issue employers are finding with this role however is that it requires a very niche skillset – finding professionals in this area is like finding a needle in a haystack. I expect these professionals to become even more in demand as security threats continue to rise. 

Salaries and benefits will adapt to suit requirements

The types of benefits we’re seeing differs from industry to industry. Fintech companies and start-ups in particular are increasingly offering more incentives to encourage candidates to apply. Many of these incentives are monetary, including more bonuses available throughout the year, incremental salary increases to get the market moving or even an increase in the amount of paid annual leave employees can take. 

We’re also seeing more jobs available to those without a degree, with businesses developing alternative training options to ensure candidates have the opportunity to land a successful career in Cyber Security.

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