Are you in demand in supply chain?

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Some supply chain professionals are in high demand. But are you one of them? We highlight which skills are most sought-after and take a look at how the supply chain market is generally performing.

Supply chain professionals are increasingly seen as integral to improving business performance and reducing working capital. Due to demand from customers, businesses are increasingly under pressure to reduce lead times. This, combined with a greater proportion of manufacturing processes being outsourced to low cost countries, is leading to processes becoming critical. 

Because of this, if you’re a high-calibre supply chain professional with experience implementing lean ‘best-in-class’ supply chain processes then there will be lots of opportunities currently available for you.  In particular, those with a proven background and success in a role ensuring supply meets demand (without compromising service) will be able to quickly secure a new position.

Demand management specialists in demand

Supply chain professionals are increasingly seen as integral to improving business performance and reducing working capital. 

Demand management professionals are currently sought-after. This is because businesses are seeking specialists who are able to work closely with customers while also identifying and monitoring market trends and adjusting stock levels accordingly. In particular, organisations are looking for supply chain professionals who are able to increase inventory accuracy, ensuring this is at optimum levels at all times.

Planning and forecasting skills

Planning and forecasting abilities are also seen as critical. Businesses are placing a strong emphasis on minimising wastage – as is always the case; too much inventory can cause cash flow problems, while not enough can have a significant impact on day-to-day operations. With businesses particularly focusing on planning, you are in demand if you have expertise in this area and can guarantee improvement in cost control strategies. 

At the more senior level, we are seeing steady demand for supply chain managers as organisations seek talented individuals who can implement cost-cutting initiatives, carry out risk analysis and in some cases introduce low cost country sourcing strategies.

Strong competition for the best talent

There is a steady flow of new job opportunities but some supply chain professionals are still favouring the stability of their existing roles. As a result, we are seeing significant competition for the best candidates. If you have a successful career history within supply chain, you may even receive multiple offers as companies are fighting to attract and retain the best talent available.

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