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The power of purpose with Global Angels

In 2017, Robert Walters joined forces with the Global Angels Foundation to provide aid to the Itinyi Valley community in Tsavo, Kenya.

The local community was living in extreme poverty, with poor access to nutrition and clean drinking water, and through our partnership we are working with the community to eradicate poverty in the region.

This non-profit organisation has helped transform the region through projects that provide access to education and clean water, while giving the community a chance at the future they deserve.

The power of the people

Robert Walters has a long-term commitment to transforming Tsavo. We don't just give money to the cause. We go there, too. Our job is to transform Tsavo by raising money for key projects, partnering with the community to empower them to build a sustainable future, and by sending volunteers to Kenya to work on these projects. We want to tell the stories of our volunteers to help more people understand how they can also help in the transformation of Tsavo.

One of our recent volunteers is Charlotte Jackson, a recruitment coordinator at Robert Walters in Manchester, who has been with the company for a year. Charlotte says, “I’ve always volunteered in the past and believe it is a rewarding experience. When the opportunity came up to volunteer for the Global Angels trip to Tsavo, I was so interested because it was something completely new and out of my comfort zone.” 

During the week that she was immersed in the community, Charlotte learnt the skills that locals are equipped with to navigate day-to-day tasks in the small village that is severely impacted by the effects of climate change. Charlotte recalls working with a lot of people and groups to help them do different activities while she was there. 

The power of our people is unlocked through the volunteer program, as they can actively participate in ways that positively impacts lives. “I like to work hard and feel like I have accomplished something after working,” said Charlotte. “And while I was in Kenya we worked hard. I helped plant trees and filled grow bags, dug trenches for rainwater, gave out donations and essentials, visited a school and distributed donations to the children, and carried buckets of water on my back for 2km,” Charlotte said. 

The power of the land

The volunteer program is also an opportunity for our people to personally contribute, and get their hands dirty, as they learn first-hand the different challenges that the locals in Itinyi Valley are experiencing. According to Charlotte, “the most memorable moment was visiting the families and children and seeing how happy they are, despite having very few material possessions. My takeaway from this is that we need to be so much more grateful than we are for the luxuries we have, that to us are normal.” Overall, the volunteer program is an eye-opener that inspires others to raise awareness and support our fundraising initiatives. 

We have found that our volunteers are honoured to be advocates in our programmes, and they support the long-term partnership between Robert Walters and Global Angels because of the positive impact it has had on the local community in Tsavo. Charlotte looks forward to seeing the results of our work materialising for the locals. “I hope that the Global Angels project will keep growing so that the village members can live a better life. I hope that one day they won’t have to worry about having clean water and food on the table. I hope they will be able to live their lives and take advantage of improved buildings, better roads and the infrastructure needed for a secure, sustainable future,” Charlotte adds. 

The power of experience 

One of the things our volunteers noticed this year was how significantly the impacts of climate change affect those that are the most disadvantaged. Charlotte found a renewed gratefulness for what she has, and what more she can do every day to make a difference. “I learned to be much more conscious about the impact my small decisions can have on the environment. For example, the use of biodegradable bags produces less waste, and we all need to be more conscious of the impact the volume of waste we produce in developed countries can have on the environment in other parts of the world.” This awareness has allowed our volunteers to think differently about their lifestyle choices, and how we all play a role in addressing climate change.

Charlotte describes Tsavo as a place of inspiration. “The experience of volunteering is eye-opening. It's so powerful that you can't help but want to spread the word and make a change at home”. Her experience is a reminder that our people are proud to work for a business with a strong purpose that aligns to their personal beliefs, and it drives our passion to continue delivering change to communities that need our support. 

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