Finding the right people for your business

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There are recruitment hurdles and opportunities that face the human resources professionals, hiring managers, managing directors, CEOs and owners in all small and medium-sized businesses across the UK.

Developing a recruitment strategy that helps to you capitalise on those opportunities, as well as combat any challenges will help you find the best people for your business. 

No matter what stage of the business lifecycle your organisation is at, no matter how small or large your team is, no matter how the economy or your industry is performing, having a clear plan in place for your recruitment is key.

Creating a consistent approach

Ensuring that core elements of your recruitment process are consistent across the business is important, particularly as your organisation grows and a larger number of people are responsible for making hiring decisions.

Developing fixed guidelines for how your recruitment process should work will ensure:

  • That you are compliant with the relevant legislation when recruiting
  • The business can be internally transparent in regard to hiring
  • Candidates will have a consistent experience with the business

Setting appropriate timescales

An effective recruitment strategy should strike a balance between being time-efficient and rigorous enough to ensure that you find someone who is the right fit for your organisation.

Small and medium-sized business have an advantage over larger competitors in that they can be more flexible and agile in their recruitment process.

Building an attractive employment proposition

Consider what is great about working for your business, and the benefits to working in a small or medium-sized business. 

In a recent Robert Walters survey, 91% of professionals said that a collaborative and ethical place to work was important to them.

Small and medium-sized businesses have an advantage over larger, more bureaucratic organisations in that you can offer a more collaborative, flexible and fun workplace. Make sure you promote this as part of your recruitment process.

Find out more how to implement successful recruitment strategies by requesting a copy of the Robert Walters Guide to Recruitment for Small and Medium Businesses

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