Work-life balance the most important to professionals in the East Midlands

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Almost three quarters (70%) of professionals in the East Midlands consider work-life balance as a key factor when considering a new job offer. 

This compares with around half of employees in other regions who rank work-life balance as a key priority - North East (50%), Wales (53%), Scotland (55%), South East (55%) and London (58%). 

This coincides with employees in the East Midlands being one of one of the least loyal, with almost half (43%) of employees having been with their current employer for less than a year. 

The findings come from a new report from leading recruiter Robert Walters and job board CV-Library on meeting candidate demands through the job offer.

The report found that a quarter of professionals from the region would remain with their current employer even if there was another job offer on the table, providing that initiatives are introduced to improve work-life balance – such as flexi-working. 

In fact, almost half of professionals in East Midlands stated that they would be open to switching to a contract, interim or temporary position – citing more flexibility (35%) as the leading reason.

Professionals in the East Midlands stated a competitive salary (63%), clear development & progression (54%), location – being close to home or a city (47%), flexible working hours (42%), and being valued (27%) as the most important factors when looking at a new job opportunity.

Habiba Khatoon, Director at Robert Walters said: “It’s a competitive environment for recruiting talent, with hiring managers having to contend with a UK-wide candidate shortage.  

“As such, it will be crucial now more than ever that companies work hard to improve their workplace environment and bulk-up the job offering in order to attract the best candidates – and central to this is tapping into what makes employees within the region tick.”

For more information download the whitepaper here

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