Professionals in the West Midlands are the most unsatisfied with their employer

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Almost half (40%) of professionals in the West Midlands claim that their expectations are not being met by their current employer. 

This compares with just a quarter of employees in London (26%), North East (27%), East Midlands (27%), and a third of employees in Yorkshire & Humber (32%), and the North West (34%) who claim employers are falling short of expectations. 

This coincides with employees in the West Midlands being one of the least loyal, with half (49%) having bean with their current employer for less that one year. Scotland has the most loyal workforce, with 38% of professionals remaining at their current employer for over three years. 

The findings come from a new report from leading recruiter Robert Walters and job board CV-Library on meeting candidate demands through the job offer.

Almost three quarters of professionals in the West Midlands (69%) stated that work life balance was a key priority, versus just half of professionals in the North East (50%), Wales (53%), and Scotland (55%). 

38% of employees within the region would consider relocating to a city outside of the West Midlands if it offered a better lifestyle. 

Professionals in the West Midlands stated a competitive salary (59%), clear development & progression (49%), location – being close to home or a city (48%), flexible working hours (43%), and team culture (20%) as the most important factors when looking at a new job opportunity. 

Interestingly, over a third of professionals in the West Midlands (38%) would be open to switching to a contract, interim or temporary position – citing increase in pay (31%), more flexibility (27%) and the opportunity to learn new skills (22%) as the key reason for this. 

Habiba Khatoon, Director at Robert Walters said: “As more and more national companies relocate to the West Midlands and the tech hub continues to grow at a more rapid pace than London, the competition for talent will be intensifying. 

It will be crucial now more than ever that companies work hard to improve their workplace environment and bulk-up the job offering in order to attract the best candidates – and central to this is tapping into what makes employees within the region tick.”

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