Scotland has the most loyal workforce in the UK

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Professionals in Scotland are more loyal to their employers, compared to any other region in the UK, with almost 40% of employees having been with their employer for more than three years. 

This compares with less than a quarter in the South West (21%), North West (21%), and London (24%), and less than a third in Yorkshire & Humber (26%) and The Midlands (31%).

The findings come from a new report from leading recruiter Robert Walters and job board CV-Library on meeting candidate demands through the job offer.

Professionals in Scotland seem the most settled in their positions, with only a third (33%) stating that career development and progression is a key priority for them. This compares with more ambitious candidates in London (60%), Yorkshire & Humber (53%), The Midlands (52%) and North West (50%) who all rank career development and progression as an important factor when looking at a job offer. 

The Scots ranked work life balance (55%), a competitive salary (45%), flexible working hours (42%), location – close to home or a city (37%) and being valued (30%) as the most important factors when looking at a new job opportunity. 

Key drivers for Scottish employees relocating to another region would be for a better lifestyle (38%), and for better money prospects (25%). 

Interestingly, almost half (49%) of Scots would be most open to switching to a contract, interim or temporary position citing more flexibility (35%) as the key reason for this. This compares with the North East (33%), North West (38%), West Midlands (38%), and South West (39%) who would all consider moving to temporary positions for their next role. 

Chris Hickey, UK CEO at Robert Walters said: “This is positive news for Scottish employers, who clearly must be doing something right to have the highest retention levels in the country. 

“Job creation increased by +5% last year fin Scotland, and so with employees less likely to move around hiring managers may find themselves having to contend with a talent shortage in the region. 

“It will be crucial now more than ever that companies work hard to improve their workplace environment and bulk-up the job offering in order to attract the best candidates.”

The whitepaper is available to download here

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