Robert Walters and Jobsite launch joint research at In-House-Recruitment-Expo

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The Robert Walters joint research paper, produced in partnership with Jobsite and totaljobs, was presented to an audience of HR and recruitment professionals at the 2018 In-House Recruitment Expo at the Olympia conference centre. 

Robert Walters Director, Richard Boyd and Head of Product at totaljobs, Bonnie Andrews, discussed the findings based on a survey of over 5,000 professionals and 2,000 employers across the UK. 

The research revealed that 65% of employers believe that they will face skills shortages in 2018, and half believe that Brexit will exacerbate the issue.

Junior and mid-level managers are expected to be ins shortest supply as a result of reduced graduate hiring during the financial crisis creating a bottleneck of professionals at this level. 

The research also showed that while less than a third (28%) of employers would consider recruiting professionals from another field with transferable skills as a strategy to address the skills shortage, 57% of professionals would be prepared to take a role outside their field. 

Click here to request a full copy of the research paper Solving the UK Skills Shortage and for more information about future events and insights.

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