Technology valued in North West

  • 72% of professionals in the North West say that their employer adopting and implementing new technology is important, compared to 65% in London, and 57% in the Midlands.
  • Professionals in the North West also report much less intergenerational conflict at work stemming from technology – just 35% felt that this was the leading cause vs 53% in London and 53% in the Midlands.

About the study

Original research from Robert Walters into the working habits and attitudes of professionals has revealed that workers in the northwest of England place the highest importance on employers adopting and implementing the latest technology.

The research, which surveyed employers and professionals from a range of fields and regions revealed that more than two thirds of professionals in the North considered this is a high priority, significantly higher than other regions included in the survey.

The study also showed that professionals in the North saw technology as a much less common source of intergenerational conflict than elsewhere. Just 35% of respondents in the North reported that older workers struggling with new technology or younger professionals becoming frustrated with outdated systems was the leading cause of intergenerational conflict. In both London and the Midlands, the figure was much higher at 53%.

Chris Poole, Managing Director, Robert Walters UK regions commented:

"With a highly educated workforce and a positive attitude to change, it isn’t surprising that professionals in the North of England are among the most enthusiastic about technology at work. Clearly, the vast majority of professionals in the region don’t see technology as a source of conflict which reflects the willingness and ability to adapt we’re used to seeing among employers and professionals in the region.”

For further information, or a full copy of the white paper please contact Alan O'Doherty on or +44 (0)20 7509 8839.

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