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Why telephone interviews are a thing of the past

The role of video interviews is becoming more prevalent in modern day hiring processes. For many UK businesses, the full potential of the video interview is not yet fully realised. With its ability to shorten the time to hire, reduce costs and offer greater insight into a potential new recruit, its no wonder we have so many of our clients opting for video interviews. But what is the future of video interviews?

Technology is the answer to many modern onboarding dilemmas, such as access to travel or time differences – video recruiting is no exception. However, many businesses continue to rely solely on phone or face-to-face interviews. The difference here is that video interviewing does everything telephone can, and more. Which is why we’ve invested in the most powerful tech available, ensuring you benefit from the best the industry has to offer. 

Never miss a candidate

First off, we’re all super busy. Which means it’s not always possible to find half an hour to have a conversation with a candidate. Even more difficult if the candidate is still in a different role (awkwardly keeps phone on desk all day, then runs off to the bathroom to take a call). But fear not, as our specialist video platform includes Solos which means you’ll never miss a candidate again. Solo interviews allow us to agree on a set number of key interview questions with you, which we can then send via a link for candidates to answer at a time that suits. Not only does this give added flexibility to the candidate, it also means that we’re able to screen a higher volume of candidates much faster before sending the best on to you for review. 

Video one, telephone nil.  

Improved screening

Next up, there’s the added advantage of being able to actually see shortlisted candidates over video before deciding whether to progress them to the next stage or not. Unlike with phone interviews, video will give you a much better indication of the candidate's fit. You’ll be able to assess their mannerisms and gauge how confident they are, or if they’re struggling to make eye contact. You can see how they’re dressed and if they’re smiling or not. None of which can be done on Mr Bell’s trusty invention. Yes, in a phone interview candidates will answer your questions and it can help speed things up, but the added advantage video offers takes the screening process to a whole new level. 

Video two, telephone nil.  

More control, less investment 

With video interviews you have complete visibility and greater control of the process. You don’t have to take our word for it that the candidate is a good fit for the role based on the results of telephone screening. We’ll send you a shortlist of candidates that have been through our video screening and who we feel best meet your criteria. 

The shortlisted candidate videos (solos, two-way or both) will appear in a dashboard, with their CVs and any other documents you’ve requested attached. You can watch the videos and read all accompanying documents at a time that suits. You can then share these with all other stakeholders in your business without any internal diary coordination required. By the time you’re ready to meet them yourself - using one of our virtual interview rooms while COVID loom large - you’re already way ahead of the game. Which means no more spending an hour with a candidate who you’ve discounted in the first five minutes but feel obliged to put through their paces. 

Video three, telephone nil.  

Don’t get hung up

So, when weighing up the pros and cons, it’s clear phone interviews have had their day. Video interviewing allows us to provide a much better service to you, plus it gives your candidates a better experience too. So, don’t listen to Blondie… leave them hanging on the telephone.

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