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Robert Walters hosts and sponsors many technology events, webinars and networking opportunities for technology professionals across the UK. Our events calendar includes everything from panels discussions with tech leaders and meetups for tech specialists, to hackathons and technology conferences. 

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Supporting women in tech

We're proud to sponsor the WeAreTechWomen Virtual Conference 2021.

WeAreTechWomen has been championing women in tech for the past 13 years. The organisation works to show existing women in the industry and those who want to transition in, what that world of future tech really looks like. It also involves encouraging women from all backgrounds to consider tech careers, so that businesses can build products and systems that are truly inclusive. The conference provides an opportunity for attending to learn about what is innovating and disrupting the industry globally. 

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Our technology networks

Our teams have created a number of technology user groups, organising an active events calendar of monthly meetups. These technology networks provide opportunitoies for users, specialists and learners to discuss best practice, tips & tricks and upcoming trends. Join a user group below:

Technology webinars

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Disruptive Technology Lightning Talks

Join Robert Walters Technology with experts from Freshfields, ITV and Made Tech for this disruptive lightning talks on demand webinar. Webinar topics include: Democratisation of AI & ML; Team work: a case study integrating Adobe Sign @ ITV and Team composition, project life cycle, complexity and how this should impact methodology

Leading for the Human Edge

What does it mean to be a successful ‘future-fit’ leader in a post-Covid world? How can teams and organisations respond with creativity to the huge technological disruption that’s been unleashed by the pandemic? <div>In this inspiring and practical session, the award-winning author and London Business School organisational change veteran Greg Orme reveals the science-based tips and tools in his ‘4Cs’ Leadership Model of Consciousness, Curiosity, Creativity and Collaboration . </div>

Implementing and Rolling out Power BI

Power BI Consultant Lewis Holmes discusses the roadmap to implementing and rolling out Power BI in your organisation. From defining the service, to understanding how to incorporate it into your organisational architecture, learn everything you need to know from a Power BI specialist.


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