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Our host of Business Intelligence & Data webinars showcase various subject matters within the field, with contributions from industry experts across some of the leading businesses across the North West. 

Involving case studies, technology showcases, methodologies and more, all webinars are free to join and are open to anyone with a passion for data. You can register to attend an upcoming session, or catch-up with our most recent webinars.


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If you'd like to take part in upcoming Business Intelligence & Data webinar, or make recommendations for future sessions, please contact Chris Ingman. 

Chris Ingman
Senior Consultant - Business Intelligence, Data and Analytics

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Implementing and Rolling out Power BI

Power BI Consultant Lewis Holmes discusses the roadmap to implementing and rolling out Power BI in your organisation. From defining the service, to understanding how to incorporate it into your organisational architecture, learn everything you need to know from a Power BI specialist.

Modern Data Architecture in AWS

Matt Darwin, Solution Principal at Slalom focuses on ingesting data to the Raw zone, an area where we ingest data in it’s native format without transformation, and utilise querying tools like Presto/Athena to query this data using SQL. Watch on demand.

Modern Data Warehouse Architecture in Microsoft Azure

KPMG look at modern data warehouse architecture in Microsoft Azure, providing a practical overview of components in action. Watch the webinar on demand.

Laying the Foundations for a Successful BI Function

In this webinar Richard Hyde, Data Architect at Overneath covers: Why data is now considered a key asset, what are the key elements, principles and goals that make a successful BI Function and what to put in place to ensure a successful BI Function. Watch on demand.

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