Recruitment case study - Regulated Crypto Start-Up

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A Regulated Crypto Start-Up firm – a London based group in the process of initiating a fintech/financial services business, as well as a crypto exchange - approached Robert Walters in 2021 after previously supporting one of the founding partners on a high-profile recruitment assignment.

Looking to rapidly grow these businesses and initially create a Financial Payments/Technology network for both crypto and fiat transactions within the UK, the Regulated Crypto start up initially sought a Senior Accountant to support the Partner, as well as the CFO, with modelling and setting up the accounting process.

Being a start-up firm, they had no prior challenges in regard to recruitment, but wanted to partner with a firm they felt had comprehensive understanding and experience, as well as a wide reach, so they could access a wide talent pool.

Approach and solution

The Robert Walters team worked closely with the partner, consulting on the profiles to narrow down the exact type of candidate that would be best suited for the job. Over a period of 2 months, the requirement evolved many times, with Robert Walters working exclusively on the assignment.

After identifying the actual level and experience required, the candidate screening followed a swift, two-stage interview process - both of which were carried out online and followed by a face-to face meet for the CFO role, once restrictions allowed.

Due to the tight time constraints of the assignment, the team ensured that the process, from shortlisting to offer stage, took no longer than two weeks – meeting the quality and timing requirements which were initially laid out.

The Robert Walters team took a proactive approach to the assignment, firstly headhunting and encouraging referrals across our vast network of 500,000+ global candidates. Strategic Boolean searches on were also created on LinkedIn and other specialist job boards to tap into passive and hard-to-find professionals.

Such is the nature of the firm and level required, most suitable candidates were not proactively considering new roles. To combat this challenge, the team took the time to develop a deep understanding of the business, leveraging the values, mission and employee proposition to really sell the opportunity to potential candidates. This method proved very receptive when target professionals were approached and was particularly successful at the more senior level.

The results

The project initially required Robert Walters to assist in hiring a Senior Accountant, but this requirement evolved as the company then sought to hire a Finance Manager and CFO. For both positions, shortlists of 6 profiles were supplied:

  • Finance Manager: 6 shortlisted, 4 interviews, 1 placement
  • CFO: 6 shortlisted, 4 first round interviews, 2 second round interviews (currently ongoing)

As a result of this work, including the team’s specialist and broad knowledge of recruiting for a start-up, Robert Walters is now exclusively working on a CEO role at the company, which is now at interview stage.  

Hiring advice 

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