High demand for qualified finance candidates in Bracknell

Janine Blacksley, Associate Director - Robert Walters Bracknell

Business growth continues across the Berkshire region as companies continue to relocate their Backoffice functions out of London and into Bracknell and other surrounding towns. Bracknell is quickly becoming a major business hub with numerous leading businesses relocating to the area. The central location means Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey counties are better positioned to service existing and new candidates and clients in these markets.

Speaking to Janine Blacksley, Associate Director for Robert Walters Bracknell, she shares her thoughts on the key regional trends and how demand for finance professionals remain high for local businesses.

"We have strong long-term relationships with local clients in the region and work closely with them to develop highly professional and targeted recruitment strategies aimed at providing only the best finance professionals in the market.”

“The progression and development of businesses across Berkshire has been exceptional in recent years and we have confidence that the local job market will continue to develop” Janine continues.

High demand for technically qualified finance candidates

Skills shortages is prevalent across the region, particularly for ACA, ACCA and CIMA qualified candidates.

Janine highlights, “there is a clear skills gap in the Bracknell market for in demand finance candidates, forcing local businesses to reconsider their hiring strategies and to dedicate more time and resources to attracting and retaining the best talent available.”  

“With Bracknell and surrounding towns located close to the country’s leading universities and colleges, the region has great access to quality talent pools of next generation finance leaders. Businesses need consider how to effectively tap into these local talent resources to bridge local skill shortages and build a strong finance function.”

the region has great access to quality talent pools of next generation finance leaders. Businesses need consider how to effectively tap into these local talent pools.

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Differentiating your business is key to growth across the region

“If you want to recruit the top talent in a candidate short market, companies must keep up with the shift in candidate behaviour. Knowing what is in demand from potential new hires, and offering career progression and a clear path to help them reach their career goals, can be very attractive to professionals looking for new opportunities,” highlights Janine.

 “We know that many candidates place a greater premium on benefits such as work-life balance and career progression than they do on pay. In other words, simply offering more money may not be enough to distinguish your company from the competition and those London based businesses.”

Janine says, “having clear progression and compensation plans can help set you apart from local competition which is something that is much easier achieved in SME and start-up business. Scope for progression and growth is much quicker compared to larger organisations that already have an established finance function meaning career progression and promotions are much slower.”

SME's thrive across Berkshire

“Bracknell and the surrounding areas are home to some of the world’s leading businesses, new start-ups and SMEs, all offering great employment opportunities at every level of the finance function.” Janine explains.

“Bracknell is well-connected without having the high costs of London, so many businesses are choosing to relocate to reduce costs and improve quality of employee life. We are seeing many SME’s doing this, as lack of funds available is often cited as a key barrier to growth”.

Janie highlights that the key to SME and new start-up growth is finding the right staff to develop and grow with the businesses from the beginning.

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Local bsuinesses benefiting from new cross-link development

With the new Crossrail links, businesses are more accessible across the Essex, Kent and Berkshire regions. This new development is opening up opportunities for new business partners, business expansion and new recruits with widening talent pools in local areas as professionals are opting to stay local for work.

With the influx of market leading firms into the region, it is a very busy and competitive market, and up-skilling finance teams is becoming a key priority. Local businesses can leverage on the quality of local talent pools by offering job opportunities without the daunting commute into the city.

Janine comments “there’s a growing sense of a real business community in Bracknell and the surrounding towns. The development of businesses, both multi-corporations and SME’s within the region, has been exceptional over the last few years and we have the confidence in the market for the remainder of 2018.”

Contact Janine Blacksley, Associate Director for Robert Walters Bracknell on +44 (0)1908 044 002 or at janine.blacksley@robertwalters.com to discuss your current recruitment needs or request a copy of the 2018 Salary Survey, to help you create an effective and comprehensive team pay strategy that can help attract the right talent to your business.

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