How often should you provide feedback to Millennial staff?

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As Millennial professionals come to make up a growing percentage of the workforce, employers need to identify how to attract, motivate and retain top talent from this generation.

A recent survey by Robert Walters found that Millennial professionals are motivated by regular feedback from their manager with over 60% saying that they wanted to receive formal feedback every one to three months.

Desire for feedback and career ambition linked

Millennials are driven by a desire rapid career progression, with 91% considering it a top career priority.

“Millennial professionals regard the potential for rapid career progression as a key priority when choosing a job,” commented Ed Glover, Associate Director at Robert Walters.

“Regular feedback is highly important to Millennial professionals as the means to gauge whether they are delivering the results they need to in order to grow their career.”

“Managers looking to attract and retain Millennial talent long-term should aim to provide frequent feedback on where staff are performing well, where they can improve and offer advice on how they can undertake projects to expand their skills and experience.”

Feedback can clarify the potential career progression

In addition to helping keep Millennial employees motivated, regular feedback can also help to manage their expectations of how they can achieve career progression, preventing them from becoming restless in their role and helping to combat staff attrition.

“In addition to helping Millennials improve their performance, regular feedback also gives employers the opportunity to clarify how and when staff can achieve the career progression they want,” Ed Glover continued.

“By providing clear criteria for what Millennial professionals must do to develop their career and achieve the progression they want, employers can avoid losing top talent to rival employers.”

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