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Robert Walters is a leading specialist professional recruitment consultancy offering expert recruitment advice to market leading clients in over 30 countries worldwide. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the UK recruitment market allows us to tailor our services to ensure we support our clients looking to grow their business with the best possible talent out there. 



We pride ourselves on our forward thinking and innovative solutions to your recruitment needs. We are seeing an increase in progressive businesses embracing diversity and inclusion across the UK market within their onboarding processes.

Organisations have come to recognise the strong business case for a diverse workforce, the emphasis has shifted to developing policies which actively encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply and to shape an inclusive company culture. Companies embracing diversity in their recruitment strategies are achieving continued growth, with research suggesting that those with more diverse staffing initiatives - including gender, age, race - are 15% more likely to outperform their competitors. However, almost half (46%) of UK employers do not have programmes in place to attract diverse candidates, according to a Robert Walters whitepaper.

The workplace is no longer an isolated environemnt and people from all backgrounds form the foundations of rapidly growing businesses - it is for this reason that we need to see more focus and engagement from UK firms to create a workforce that is diverse and inclusive.

Developing an effective diversity strategy depends on collaboration between stakeholders throughout the business, clarifying who has responsibility for driving change is essential and recognising key strategies to engage a broader more diverse talent pool.

We are committed to assisting our clients in achieving diversity and inclusion initiatives in their recruitment processes and offer our in-house service ‘RW Adify’ - a bespoke, cost effective diversity service - to our clients to help recruit talent from diverse talent pools across the UK.

Using market leading systems and academic research, RW Adify provides a tool for Robert Walters consultants to assess the readability, gender bias and discriminations within client advert writing, offering in-depth feedback and innovative recruitment solutions that meet diversity and inclusion requirements.

Key benefits of RW Adify:

  1. Target more diverse talent through effective advert writing
  2. Adjust advert structuring that disproportionally appeals to male candidates
  3. Make adverts more accessible and inclusive to non-native English-speaking candidates
  4. Free innovative solution to your diversity talent search

“As one of the worlds leading recruitment consultancies across all sectors and industries, we hear daily from our clients the need to tackle the issue of diversity in their workforce. For businesses to thrive and innovate, UK firms need to source talent from diverse backgrounds, the workplace is no longer an isolated environment and people from all backgrounds form the foundations of rapidly growing businesses - it is for this reason that we need to see more focus and engagement from UK firms to create a workforce that is diverse and inclusive." comments Chris Hickey, Robert Walters CEO - UK, Middle East & Africa. 

If you’re looking to increase the diversity of your workforce, contact the Robert Walters expert recruitment team today for further advice on how to recruit talent from diverse backgrounds.


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If you are looking to increase diversity and inclusion in your workplace contact the team today. 

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Senior Marketing Executive 
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