Procurement & supply chain skills shortage anticipated

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Research from Robert Walters has found that half of employers believe they will face skills shortages when looking to recruit procurement and supply chain professionals.

In addition, 20% of employers believe that Britain’s decision to leave the EU will exacerbate this skills shortage.

“With Britain having decided to leave the EU, employers will have to carefully examine their procurement and supply chain processes, as the UK negotiates trade deals with Europe,” said James Franklin, Manager at Robert Walters.

Businesses react to change

In light of the new economic environment, international supply chains are likely to be reviewed for UK businesses as potential tariffs could be imposed. This will drive demand for supply chain professionals who are able to deliver an increase in efficient practices, as the small margins are eroded further.

“Improving inefficient procurement functions has been a key focus for many businesses as they realise that changes made can significantly reduce costs. This has led to a rising demand for specialists in this field,” continued Franklin.

“In particular, procurement professionals with a background in professional services, IT and transformation have been in great demand.”

Mid-level professionals in demand

Procurement professionals with a background in professional services, IT and transformation have been in great demand.

Mid-level professionals are likely to see the highest demand for their skills, with 76% of employers planning to recruit procurement and supply chain professionals at this level.

Franklin said, “the desire to source candidates at mid-level reflects the need among businesses to acquire staff who are able to go beyond a purely operational role and in fact offer strategic insight to the wider business.”

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