75% of marketers expect salary increase

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75% of marketers are expecting to receive a rise in their annual salary and 70% are expecting to receive a bonus, according to the Robert Walters 2015 Guide to Pay and Bonus Expectations for Marketing Professionals. 

Over a half of those expecting a bonus anticipate that this will be up to 15% of base salary, and over 60% expect a pay rise of up to 10% of base salary.

With the current economic climate showing improvements, marketers across the UK are feeling confident about their careers. The results from the survey reveal that a high number are feeling confident about the job market, with 48% already feeling ready to find a new job easily in the coming year. 

“As we head into 2015, it is apparent that marketers have more confidence in the jobs market than they had last year, with only 16% stating that they are worried about the jobs market and wouldn’t feel confident about finding a new opportunity” says Oli Templeton, Manager. 

Responding to increase in pay and bonus expectations

As business conditions improve, employers that do not want to loose their key staff, should continue to re-invest in current marketing teams to attract and retain the right professionals, particularly mid-level marketers that are shown to be in greater demand due to their sufficient experience to add strategic commercial value to companies. Marketers seem to be proactively responding to the improved job market as they strive to have their experiences aligned closely with the promising business climate.

  • 75% of operations professionals are expecting a pay rise in 2015
  • 70% expect to receive a bonus
  • Over a half anticipated a bonus to be up to 15% of base salary
  • 62% anticipate a pay raise of between 1% and 10%

Career progression – primary motivation for moving

When asked for their top reason of considering changing jobs, career progression was the most commonly cited reason for marketing professionals. Almost 50% stated that an opportunity that offered significant development within their career would entice them to leave their current role.

Marketers seem to be proactively responding to the improved job market as they strive to have their experiences aligned closely with the promising business climate. Only 39% are expecting to be promoted this year which could lead them to leaving to find a new opportunity that offers progression.

“With career progression being the main motivation for marketing professionals to change jobs, it is crucial for line managers to offer career development to their accounting teams” According to Oli Templeton, Manager at Robert Walters.

About the survey

The Robert Walters Pay and Bonus Survey questioned professionals on a range of compensation questions, including their pay and bonus expectations, their career plans, and how long they intend to stay at their current firm.

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