Finance professionals expecting pay rises in 2015

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85% of accounting and finance professionals working in financial services are expecting a bonus in 2015, according to the latest Robert Walters Guide to Pay and Bonus Expectations.

Eight in ten are also hoping to receive a salary rise this year.

"Hiring managers may struggle to attract and retain the best accounting and finance professionals if they do not offer attractive compensation and benefits packages," says David Sykes, Manager at Robert Walters.

"Those most sought after are likely to be juggling multiple job interviews, so bonuses and benefits should be addressed during the interview process," Sykes adds. 

Increase in salary and bonus expectations

  • 80% of accounting and finance professionals are expecting a pay rise in 2015
  • 34% want a raise of between 4% and 10% of base salary
  • 85% expect to receive a bonus
  • Nearly a quarter are hoping for a bonus of more than 20% of base salary

Motivation to move jobs in 2015

62% of finance professionals are looking to land a new role within the next year, with more than a third already searching. 85% of accounting and finance professionals working in financial services are expecting a bonus in 2015

55% of those looking to move point to career progression as their primary motive. A third say a higher salary is most likely to tempt them.

On the whole, accounting and finance professionals in financial services are optimistic about the coming year, with many expecting to be financially rewarded or offered the chance to progress.

About the Survey

The Robert Walters Pay and Bonus Survey questioned professionals on a range of questions, including their pay and bonus expectations, career plans, and how long they intend to stay at their current firm.

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