UK Fintech Market:

The race for global dominance

London phone box at night

For the third year in a row, Robert Walters has produced an industry leading report into the UK Fintech Market, the third report in its series.

Markets across the board have unexpectedly altered in ways no businesses could prepare for; through our most recent analysis on the fintech space, we can see that the negative impacts for this market in particular were marginally short lived. Diving into the depths of the evolving financial space, it is evident that sustainability, collaboration and a strong focus on digital compliance will allow the sector to only further its future growth. That's not to say however that this wont come with its own challenges.

The Robert Walters Technology research series, in collaboration with recruitment data specialist, VacancySoft, continues in our latest Whitepaper. Read our analysis on job vacancies and hiring activity within the fintech landscape, as we consider the immediate and future growth potential of the sector as we come out of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The report explores:

  • The key labour market trends
  • Impacts of the rise of 'green' financial start ups
  • The potential risks of cryptocurrency
  • The UK's fintech growth potential
  • How collaboration could strengthen the UK's fintech position

Download the report