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Our portfolio of industry whitepapers take an in-depth look at the key recruitment trends and talent management issues impacting employers today. Produced on a quarterly basis, the whitepapers form a series of publications designed to assist employers in developing their recruitment approach and talent strategies.

Download PDFs of our industry whitepapers below or contact us to find out more about the topics.

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Workplace Culture

The role of Workplace Culture in Recruiting Top Talent explores the key strategies that employers can use to identify and attract candidates who will thrive in the culture of their company.

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Diverse Talent Pools

Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment details the key strategies that employers can use to access more diverse talent pools to create a workforce that is diverse and inclusive.

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Hiring Contractors

Maximising the Value of Contractors provides key insights on why you should hire contractors, expectations of the recruitment process and how you can get the most from contractor resource.

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Engineering New Talent Pools

Engineering New Talent Pools to Combat Skills Shortages identifies new strategies and channels for talent acquisition and explores the ways employers can reach these new sources of talent.

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Candidate Short Markets

Recruiting Professionals in a Candidate Short Market looks at the effects and impact of talent shortages across the UK and how employers can overcome this hiring challenge.

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Social Media in Recruitment

Using Social Media in the Recruitment Process assesses and outlines the way in which employers can make best use of social media as part of the recruitment process.

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Engaging Millennial Professionals

Attracting and Retaining Millennial Professionals takes an in-depth look at 'Generation Y' and the ways in which businesses can innovate their recruitment strategy to hire and develop millennial talent.

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Managing the Interview Process

How to Manage the Interview Process Effectively helps employers better understand the interview process and provide insight into how candidates approach interviews.

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Managing Your Employer Brand

Managing Your Brand Throughout the Recruitment Process offers advice on how employers can highlight their brand throughout the recruitment process.

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