Striving for gender parity

man and woman looking at robert walters and totaljobs diversity & inclusion in the workplace research

More than half (54%) of women do not think their pay is an accurate reflection of the work they do.

Robert Walters and Totaljobs have gathered insights from 9,000 professionals in the UK, looking at diversity and inclusion through the lenses of age, ethnicity and gender. The second report focuses on gender disparities that persist in the workplace.

High-profile conversations and widespread media coverage have bought the issue of gender imbalance to the forefront of the agenda for British employers.

The most recent gender pay data highlights that there is still a long way to go in achieving parity - with almost eight in ten organisations recording a gender pay gap in the last year.

With employers realising that simply reporting gender pay gap data isn't enough, what can be done to tackle these imbalances?

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