Banking & Financial Services: Referendum to Pandemic

A five-year review of the UK's Financial Services market

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As the UK continues to bounce back from the COVID-19 outbreak, our experts offer exclusive insights into the Banking and Financial Services sector, and it's resilience against new regulatory trends and how 2020 has reshaped the UK recruitment market for the long-term. 

When analysing the sector over the past five years, since the referendum result, there has been significant changes witnessed. Across the sector, we have seen clear links between recovering from the crisis and transforming operations to drive success in 2021.

The report explores:

  • The rising dominance of the back office functions 
  • Trends away from junior level professionals 
  • The shift in the UK's financial capital 
  • The impact on the UK gig economy 
  • Salary and remuneration insights for the year ahead
  • Recommendations for attracting and retaining Banking & Financial Services professionals in 2021

Download the full report to discover the key findings.

"The financial services sector will continue to be very resilient in 2021. The regulatory landscape continues to purge forward with little to no relaxations from the regulator. Fintech organisations are growing, scaling, and implementing compliance programmes and creating a talent war for more traditional sell-side candidates. Businesses that adapt to the working “norm” quicker, will win the candidate battle."

Chris Hickey, CEO – UKI, MEA & North America

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