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Can we be as productive working from home?

Julie Peacock, Business Director at Robert Walters, shares her experience and key tips when remote working. Read her top tips here.

Putting Manchester fintech on the map - Nivo

Polly Taylor-Pullen, who heads up business development at Nivo, discusses bridging the gap between financial services providers and millennials, adopting a national hiring strategy, and putting Manchester fintech on the map in 2020.

A female founder in fintech - Autopaid

Do women in fintech offer something different to men? Find out from Nicola Weedall, Founder and CEO of Autopaid, who discusses the need for finance experience in building a successful lending platform and her approach to growth and seeking investment as a female in fintech.

Diversity in finance needs to start from the top

Erica Ingham, Chief Financial Officer at MediaCom, explores the reasons behind the ongoing gender pay gap. How can women overcome persisting workplace challenges? Find out how businesses can address the diversity gap in finance.

Making investment advice accessible - OpenMoney

Hear from Anthony Morrow, CEO of OpenMoney about moving away from the ‘robo-advisor’ concept, scaling a FinTech in Manchester, and accessing a new market of budding investors.

The future of payments - Fingopay

Hear from Simon Binns, Chief Marketing Officer at fintech Fingopay how Manchester’s thriving tech and academic sectors made it the city of choice to launch their biometric identity and payment solution early this year.

Engaging the Millennial investor - tickr

Hear from Matt Latham, Co-Founder of tickr, who shares the start-up’s vision for success, the differences in recruiting talent in Liverpool and London, and how social impact is front-of-mind for first-time, Millennial investors.

What now for Manchester's FinTech sector? Whitecap Consulting

Manchester is regarded as the breeding ground for budding fintechs, but is the outlook for growth positive when compared against the global stage? Eleanor Simmons from Whitecap Consulting helps us understand the FinTech ecosystem.

Your first 100 days as CIO

Looking to make the step to C-Suite level? Mark Holt, CTO at trainline, provides insight into how to deliver in your first 100 days in a CIO role.

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