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Flexible working - what it means for you

Flexible hours can offer working parents a solution to many of the challenges that come with balancing work and family life. Have you considered how this could work for you?

3 tips to help achieve your dream career goals

Many women want to further their careers. We spoke with Anna Barsby, former Chief Information Officer at Halfords about her top 3 tips for women professionals wanting to propel their careers.

Want a better work life balance?

Many senior women professionals agree having a good work-life balance is key to being happier in their jobs and at home. What are some key changes you can make to achieve a better work life balance?

Top tips for women working in banking & financial services

Are you wanting to stand out in your role, and progress within your career? We spoke with Francesca McDonagh at HSBC Bank to get her top tips for women professionals in the industry.

Is it time to change jobs?

It is more common to leave jobs after a few years than it was in the past, which means you have far less reason to stay in a negative workplace or unfulfilling role.

Tackling interview questions that reveal your character

It is important to remember that there are some questions posed within an interview that while seeming informal are important not to overlook as they shape the interviewer's first impression of you.

How does 'Shared Parental Leave' benefit you?

The new Shared Parental Leave system may offer you and your partner the opportunity to split your maternity and paternity leave between you - but what does this really mean?

Are you using social media effectively?

Social media has become a part of business networking that professionals can’t afford to ignore. However, as a platform that is still developing it can be difficult to judge how to use it most effectively.

Tips for women returning to the workforce

Going back to work after several years out of the workforce to raise a family can seem like a daunting prospect. Many women are concerned time away will negatively impact the how they are perceived by employers.

Top tips for career confidence

Regardless of your chosen industry or profession, confidence is one skill that is essential to success in any field. While self-confidence comes naturally to some people, it is a skill that anyone can learn and doing so can be invaluable to your career success.

Tips on securing a pay rise or promotion

Asking for a promotion or pay rise at work can be a potentially daunting experience. Doing your research and feeling thoroughly prepared can make a huge difference in your confidence.

Flexibility is the top priority for working parents

Flexible working policies are one of the biggest concerns for working parents, but how can employers improve the way they implement these policies to meet the needs of their staff?

Are you making the most of networking opportunities?

Effective networking with your industry peers can be the key to achieving your career goals by finding contacts who can introduce you to new opportunities.