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Senior women across several industries share their thoughts and experiences on gender diversity and empowering women in the workplace.

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Can employers benefit from helping staff more on in their careers?

Professionals are increasingly unlikely to stay with a single employer for their whole career. How can employers embrace this changing culture and still get the most from their staff by helping them realise their ambitions.

Where can employers go wrong in their gender diversity strategy?

When delivered effectively, gender diversity strategies can yield valuable results for businesses. But what are the mistakes employers commonly make that prevent them reaching their potential?

Long and short term strategies for diversifying your management team

Achieving diversity at the senior level can be a significant challenge for employers. What strategies can you use to find diverse talent across all levels of your business?

Would you share your career ambitions with your employer?

Would be comfortable sharing your long term ambitions with your employer if those ambitions included leaving the company?

Is negotiation a man's game?

Natalie Reynolds, CEO of Advantage Spring, joined us to share her insights into how women can shatter the myth that negotiation is a man's game.

Helping women to the top of their game

Jennifer Atkinson, CEO of International Travel Connections, talks about her inspiring story and her thoughts on how we can help more women to the “top of their game”.

Retaining key professionals after a career break

Women add significant value to the workforce and can fill skills gaps employers are facing, so retaining women returning from a work break is essential to promote growth.

Robert Walters announced as Ambassador for gender diversity

Robert Walters is delighted to have been awarded a mark of distinction for gender diversity in the workplace from Women Mean Business (WMB).

HR diversity policies and what they mean for you

Maternity leave is no longer exclusively reserved for the mother but can instead be shared between the two parents. Learn more about these new HR policies.