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Senior women across several industries share their thoughts and experiences on gender diversity and empowering women in the workplace.

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women on career break in coffee shop researching companies to work for

Attracting professionals returning from a career break is key

Women returning to the workforce after a career break offer a valuable resource to employers. We discuss ways you can make sure your company stands out and attracts top professionals.
woman with mobile phone outside in sunshine wearing sunglasses

Is negotiation a man's game?

Natalie Reynolds, CEO of Advantage Spring, joined us to share her insights into how women can shatter the myth that negotiation is a man's game.
katherine allwood and jennifer atkinson standing in front of green walter walters sign

Helping women to the top of their game

Jennifer Atkinson, CEO of International Travel Connections, talks about her inspiring story and her thoughts on how we can help more women to the “top of their game”.
two women writing down employee retention ideas on glass board with red marker

Retaining key professionals after a career break

Women add significant value to the workforce and can fill skills gaps employers are facing, so retaining women returning from a work break is essential to promote growth.
louise campbell robert walters' md for ireland in white shirt against white background

Robert Walters announced as Ambassador for gender diversity

Robert Walters is delighted to have been awarded a mark of distinction for gender diversity in the workplace from Women Mean Business (WMB).
woman at coffee shop working on tablet

Top tips for women progressing in an accounting career

Uncertainty over how to balance work and family life is one of the biggest concerns among female accountants who aspire to senior roles.
Jo Fairley and Sally Martin from Robert Walters

Building a successful ethical brand - the story of Green & Black's

Green and Blacks co-founder Jo Fairley joined guests from a range of industries to share her insights into building a successful ethical brand.
woman in brown coat looking to her right

Sally Martin nominated for the Australian Woman of the Year in the UK award

Sally Martin is nominated for the Qantas Australian Woman of the Year in the UK Award, in recognition of her success as a business woman and as an Australian building an exceptional career in the UK.
woman at coffee shop working on a tablet

How can women succeed in a career in technology?

Like many male dominated fields, technology offers both challenges and opportunities for women who make it their field of choice.