Educating the Market

Supporting Equality For All

At Robert Walters, we value the uniqueness and diversity of our workforce. As a global multicultural recruitment company, we leverage the benefits of the 40+ nationalities employed by the Group and embrace the unique voices and perspectives of our staff. 

Our global diverse employee network demonstrates our commitment to achieving equality in the workplace, in every market we operate. We maintain best practice within our company culture, brand communications and recruitment processes, both internally and for our clients, to ensure equality opportunities for all.  

Turn Challenge Into Opportunity

The Importance of Unconscious Bias Training and Coaching

Unconscious Bias affects all of us; it is relevant no matter who you are. Raising awareness and training amongst leaders, managers, recruiters, human resources and customer services is a key step towards achieving equality within recruitment. The challenges are greater as we are not able to read body language when communicating with remote teams, clients and professionals all working from home and accessible via video or phone call only. 

The Robert Walters Group diversity policy forms a critical part of our staff induction programme and all employees participate in our diversity workshops. Our training and coaching ensures increased awareness of unconscious bias, reducing risk for the individual and business. 

The Role of the Skills-Based CV

A skills-based CV focuses more so on the individuals transferable skills and gives scope for those who might not have been considered for a role if the purely based on job title and job history.

During the candidate screening process, we anonymise CVs to mitigate risks of unconscious bias.

Encouraging skills-based CVs ensures that our clients make even better hiring decisions whilst bringing diversity of thought to an organisation.

The Power of Social Engagement

Remaining engaged with your staff and consumer networks, or making the conscious efforts to expand your diverse reach, provides exposure to new ideas and even industry-changing insights that would not have formed within a uniform network.

We celebrate, validate and respect each individual and accelerate globally shared thoughts and ideas through our social engagement with our local, national and global networks of peers, clients and candidates.

Robert Walters Group have achieved a top 3 place in LinkedIn’s most socially engaged recruiters. Achieving a top 3 placing in LinkedIn’s most socially engaged recruiters is testament to our content-based strategy which focuses on sharing quality, thought-provoking and informative content with our followers, representing a variety of demographic backgrounds.