How we deliver diverse and inclusive candidate shortlists:


Continuously developing diverse talent pipelines

We continuously strive to build and develop our network of diverse talent. With a number of strategies in place, a dedicated market and data analysis team and as experts on LinkedIn, we are dedicated to building diverse candidate pools, even when not on assignments. The journey to finding a new job varies significantly from individual-to-individual, with factors such as age and gender of a candidate having an impact on where they search for their next role. We use a range of tools, including video technology, advanced testing platformsmulti-channel advertising and partnerships/events, to target professionals from all backgrounds that have the right skills for the job. 

Creating bespoke advertising bundles to meet your needs

Many organisations do not know how to diversify their workforce in an effective way. As experts in advertising, market analysis and candidate headhunting, we know how to attract diverse talent pools, increase overall visibility of your adverts and enhance the diversity of applications through our bespoke D&I advertising solution. Our advertising bundle includes traditional channels to market, bespoke D&I sourcing tools such as Adify (see below), and D&I specific job boards dedicated to attracting underrepresented talent to produce more inclusive candidate shortlists. 

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Making your job advert applicable to everyone

Adify, our bespoke, in-house tool, ensures that every job advert we write adheres to diversity and inclusion best practice. This innovative, machine learning software identifies bias wording in job advertisements and replaces it with more neutral language, ensuring that your advert appeals to a wider, more diverse talent pool of candidates. The analysis improves overall reach of your adverts by removing gendered wording, ensuring mobile friendliness and advert readability so it attracts a more diverse audience. The analysis also indicates where you are positioned against your key competitors in the market. 

Candidate sourcing toolkit 

We believe that D&I should be at the centre of the sourcing process. That’s why we developed a D&I Candidate Sourcing Toolkit designed to help you plan, hire, and build stronger teams. We focus on the full spectrum of the D&I agenda, supporting you every step of the way. The toolkit offers practice advice on how to create inclusive job adverts and specifications, how to generate diverse applications from your adverts and where to find diverse talent, right through to expert advice on creating an interview and assessment process that encourages inclusivity. 

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Leading D&I events and partnerships 

With so much opportunity now to make a difference, our clients are increasingly looking to us to help support and guide their plans for change. We believe in working closely with our client network to help promote D&I within the workplace via our webinars, events and podcasts and through our strategic corporate memberships with Pearn Kandola, Vercida, the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion and Aspiring Solicitors. Our events and partnerships allow us to continuously improve our own internal workforce diversity as well as our external services to our clients, through shared learning of D&I best practices.

Driving inclusivity from the offset

Recruitment is first and foremost a people business. That is why the Robert Walters Group diversity policy forms a critical part of our staff induction programme. All employees participate in diversity workshops and undergo new starter and annual refresher training programmes. 

As a truly diverse organisation - recruiting 65 nationalities across 31 countries globally - diversity training and raising awareness of the subject, both internally and externally for our employees and clients alike, is crucial for developing workplaces that harness variety in race, culture, religion, age and lifestyle to drive business and employee performance, motivation and happiness. 

Our commitment to skills-based CVs

During the candidate screening process, we are able to anonymise CVs to mitigate risks of unconscious bias. Adopting a skills based CV approach enables us to focus more on an individual’s transferable skills and experience, widening our search and allowing us to consider a more diverse selection of professionals than if the search is solely based on job title and qualifications.

Innovation within diversity and inclusion

Robert Walters Innovation team is focused on using innovative technology to improve both our recruitment and diversity processes. Ranging from market leading video interview technology to new ways to assess talent and going beyond the CV. This means we are at the forefront of trialling any tech or innovation that may better provide clients with diverse and inclusive talent pools. As an added value service, our Innovation team is also able to advise businesses on their own D&I strategy. Contact us for more information about our dedicated Innovation team. 

  • Robert Walters Innovation Team

    Innovation is an overused term, but for us, it means seeing technology as an enabler, not a threat. Our ‘test and trial’ innovation strategy is designed to ensure our people have access to the best available tools to drive productivity and engagement with our candidates and clients.

    To do this, we focus on two key areas. Firstly, we monitor consumer trends outside of the recruitment industry and analyse how consumers’ changing expectations could drive change within our industry. Secondly, we track hundreds of new technologies each year, testing and trialling them to see if they can increase our productivity and give our consultants more time to do what they do best – build human connections and personal relationships.

    Our role as the Group’s innovation function is to share best practice from other industries with our clients to help them understand the imperative to change, as well as to guide our own internal strategy and choices. We frame the pathway through an overcrowded and overcomplicated recruitment technology market, helping our clients make sense out of the noise.

  • Enabling Human Connections

    What’s interesting is that even though AI is changing elements of the way we recruit, we don’t believe it will ever replace our consultants’ innate understanding of what our clients and candidates need. Ultimately, we are looking for technology that will allow frictionless interaction between humans. We want to create the same consumer experience for recruitment that people have with leading brands every day.

  • Innovation Advisory: Diverse Hiring & Assessment

    Two of the hottest topics for our clients have been diverse hiring and assessment technologies. While there are plenty of diversity consultancies helping companies with inclusivity, very few are able to address the barriers to diverse hiring within a company’s recruitment process. We have responded to this gap in the market by delivering our best-in-class diverse hiring advisory service.

    One of our ground-breaking audits in this category allows us to hold a mirror up to the client’s hiring process, identifying inherent bias, and helping them look at it through the eyes of diverse candidates. We then help clients make actionable changes which deliver immediate results. Our assessment advisory has proved equally attractive to clients this year, as they grapple to understand a segment of the recruitment technology landscape that has evolved exponentially over the last five years, impacted by advances in gamification and AI. Assessing for potential has become a necessary goal for organisations preparing their workforce for the skills of the future, and enabling truly meritocratic hiring has never been more important — my team advises on the best tools to use for every occasion.