Staying career-focused at home

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has meant working professionals and jobseekers have had to adapt to working from home to maintain social distancing. While it's a new and challenging situation for us all, Robert Walters can support you through this time so your career, your job hunt or your work-life balance don't have to suffer.

Take a look at our career advice to boost your productivity, continue your job search and maintain your work-life balance when working from your home office.

Your guide to working from home

The world has changed. In just a few short months, the global coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the ways that we live and work. While working from home is by no means a new concept, it’s one that we’ve all had to suddenly come to terms with.

How can you make the remote workplace work for you? We've devised the ultimate survival guide to help you adapt to working from home.

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Remote working advice

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10 ways to stay motivated during the job search

Have you found yourself back on the job hunt? Our recruitment specialists have outlined their top ten tips to stay motivated during the job search and stop your career from stalling during this challenging time.

9 self-care strategies for remote workers

How can prioritise our mental health and wellbeing when working from home? In our Mental Health and the Remote Workplace series, we explore 9 self-care strategies for remote workers.

Keep your job search alive from home

Looking for your next role and unsure about what steps to take? Workplaces are continuing to engage and hire talent by connecting remotely, so it’s time to use technology to your advantage to focus your job hunt from home - here's your action plan.

Preparing for video interviews

Video interviewing isn’t new. Far from it, in fact. Hiring managers and recruitment agents alike have been using tools like this for years now. Prepare for upcoming video interviews with Robert Walters top tips.

Tips for Skype interviews

With web-based interviews on the rise we can offer you help to prepare you for a Skype interview and feel comfortable in an online setting.

Tips for remote working parents

Struggling to work from home with young children to care for? Read our top tips on how to maintain high working performance whilst juggling children at home.

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