3 career tips for Python Developers

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Developers remain among the most in-demand roles in the tech community. Emerging languages such as Python are increasingly in demand but also extremely talent short – which means candidates hold the power when it comes to dictating salaries in this market.

Nevertheless, as Python becomes more widely used and salaries continue to rise, an increasing number of candidates are moving into this market. Are you taking steps to boost your skillset to stand out from the competition? Mark Eltringham, recruitment consultant for Data Science & Advanced Analytics at Robert Walters, shares his 3 top tips to stand out from the crowd, with helpful resources to get your profile noticed.

Widen your studies

First and foremost, employers are actively searching for candidates with quantitative research in STEM. However, the real difference when it comes to assessing candidates is an individual’s further studies. For example, you may have qualifications within Data Science, but what is your niche? What makes you different? There are a variety of online courses available through platforms such as Udacity which allow you to advance your tech career by providing you with a specialism, for example Machine Learning.

We always recommend taking your education to the next step to demonstrate your knowledge. 

Apply your knowledge 

For many employers, it’s not just about what you’ve learned through your academic journey. The ways in which you’ve applied this knowledge in the real world is equally as important. By engaging and participating in external projects - and proving that you have the capabilities to problem solve in real-time - demonstrates how you can go that extra mile. If you haven’t applied what you’ve learned in practice, it’s almost lost its value.

Kaggle, a web-based data-science environment, allows data scientists and machine learning engineers to enter competitions to solve real world data science challenges. You are required to utilise Python in some way within these competitions, and by demonstrating to a potential employer your strengths on the platform (especially if you have won competitions and have a good Kaggle ranking), you earn additional value points. 

Become part of a community

Embedding yourself within the community of fellow Data Scientists and Python users is an invaluable way to network and gain additional experience. By interacting with likeminded professionals, you can further your knowledge by learning from those who have developed their skillsets in different areas.

Meetup offers access to some fantastic groups that bring together Python Programming and Data Science enthusiasts, whether that be via online forums and seminars, or by advertising local events.

Now the largest and most advanced development platform in the world, Github is a fantastic code hosting platform which lets developers work together on projects - from anywhere. There are also a variety of online forums whereby you can communicate with other users to ask questions, provide guidance, or work collaboratively to problem-solve. It’s just another great way to further your skillset and build a good contact base in the process.

Want to learn about the latest opportunities available in Python? Get in touch with Mark Eltringham today.


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