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Looking for a role that specialises in Python? Here’s 3 top tips to make you stand out from the crowd.

Mark Eltringham, recruitment consultant for Data Science & Advanced Analytics at Robert Walters, shares his 3 top tips to stand out from the crowd as a Python Developer, with helpful resources to get your profile noticed.

4 Key Candidate Market Trends in 2022: Data Analytics

Trends in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are constantly transforming to keep up with demands. Chris Ingman, Manager of Data and Analytics Recruitment at Robert Walters, highlights the 4 key trends he feels will shape the market in 2022.

4 Key Candidate Market Trends in 2022: Software Engineering

Software Engineering trends have evolved significantly over recent years – but how will the market develop further in the months ahead? Ben Litvinoff, Business Director at Robert Walters, discusses the trends he expects to see across 2022.

4 Key Candidate Market Trends in 2022: Cyber Security

Hiring and operational trends within the Cyber Security market have evolved significantly over recent years – but how will the market develop further in the months ahead? Darius Goodarzi, Information Security and IT Risk Principal at Robert Walters, shares the 4 key trends which he believes will shape the landscape in 2022.

3 key considerations when improving your ESG strategy

ESG – Environmental Social Governance – focuses on the environmental, social and governance factors alongside financial components in the investment decision-making process. It is also a process by which to assess how companies perform/score on each of the factors, determining whether it is a viable investment; any issues surrounding ESG can have the potential to drastically damage share prices.

5 key trends in the software development market

The demand for software developers is unquestionably soaring. As vacancies continue to rise, companies are finding it increasingly tricky to source the right candidates – making it an ideal time to secure yourself a competitive role in this sector..

Disruption of the legal vertical and how to deploy technology

As companies and AI professionals navigate their way through the current economic crisis, we speak to Partha Mudgil, former COO at Nakhoda, who offers his insights into how the current crisis is effecting the emerging legal tech sector and how to deploy technology.

How to become a top 250 tech leader

The demand for professionals with AI and technology skill sets is set rise as demand in the space continues to increase. Hear from James Bell, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Dow Jones, about his journey to becoming a top 250 IT leader.

Product management market update

The Robert Walters Product Management recruitment team have a wealth of experience and a large network in recruiting exceptional Product Management professionals across the UK and EMEA. We partner with some of the most innovative B2B and B2C business across the London Technology landscape to help them detect complex product gaps and provide a tailored talent market study to find the most outstanding talent. Download the report.

5 expert tips for your next IT interview

Tom Chambers and William Feint of Robert Walters Information Technology share their expert advice to help you succeed in your next IT interview.

Networking tips for technology professionals

Being visible within your organisation and getting yourself noticed is now more important than ever to your career progression.

Day as an technology consultant

Paul Day, an technology consultant at a leading university, gives us an insight into what his role really involves and how to make it in technology.
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Life of a lead developer

We spoke with a lead developer at a leading international bank to find out what sort of projects, benefits and responsibilities are involved in the role.

Top tips to make you stand out in the tech sector

In a competitive technology job market you'll need to really stand out from the crowd to get the best job. Here are our top tips.

Become a tech project manager

With technology playing an ever important role in our lives, the demand for technology specialists remains strong. Learn more about the the role of a project manager and why it might be your dream job.

Top 10 IT roles

Are you considering a career change into technology? The sector offers a huge range of opportunities, here we look at 10 popular roles. Learn more about each.
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Become an analyst programmer

The demand for analyst programmers is high, but what do they actually do? Here we look at their roles and responsibilities, qualifications and earning potential. Find out if its your dream job.

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