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A Guide for Newly Qualified Accountants

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Working at a Practice firm is the goal for a lot of finance graduates. The exposure you receive to all aspects of the industry is hard to come by and allows you to develop a wide range of hard and soft skills which make you highly coveted by virtually every other company.  

Life after Practice opens a window of endless opportunities for newly certified accountants, but with so many possible career paths, how are you to decide which one to take? Should you pursue a career in private practice, make a move within industry or even look to gain some international experience?

Robert Walters have been successfully managing the careers of newly certified accountants across the globe for over 36 years, so we are well placed to offer you help the need. Our goal is to enrich in you a full understanding of your potential career paths, and help you make the right choice for you.

Our Guide for Newly Qualified Accountants explores:

  • How Robert Walters can help achieve your career goals
  • Unique insights from established and successful FDs and CFOs from various backgrounds
  • An in depth understanding of the career paths and opportunities available to you across Banking & FS, Commerce & Industry and Practice 
  • Expert career advice from our specialist Robert Walters Accounting & Finance team
  • Access to the complete Career Toolkit and Accounting & Finance Salary benchmarking tool

International Career Management

Looking to move or relocate your Finance career? Our expert international career management team can support you through this decision process as a Newly Qualified Accountant. 

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