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In the current turbulent business climate, uncertainty surrounding career and job stability is causing wider anxieties for professionals looking at long-term career goals.

Robert Walters offers advice on maintaining career momentum, looking at the longer term solutions to help strengthen your career trajectory as you continue to adapt and grow within a new working world.

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  • Preparing for a new era of work

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Taking the leap of faith: why the pros of joining a start-up outweigh the cons

10 ways to stay motivated during the job search

Have you found yourself back on the job hunt? Our recruitment specialists have outlined their top ten tips to stay motivated during the job search and stop your career from stalling during this challenging time.

Five questions to help identify areas to upskill

With your long-term career goals in mind, we explore how you can identify areas you need to upskill in as part of the Robert Walters Keeping Your Career on Track insights series. Read the full article.

Skills 101: How to evaluate your skill set

How can you work out the areas you need to focus on to plug any skills gaps? How can you present your skill set during the job search? In our Keeping Your Career on Track insights series, we explore how to audit your skill set to help you stop your career from stalling.

Is COVID-19 stalling your career?

With continuous ambiguity and uncertainty surrounding the employment market, many professionals are growing anxious about job security and the long term impacts the pandemic will have on their CV and career. We discuss how the crisis might stall your career and what actions you can take now to ensure you still achieve your career goals.

How to bounce back from redundancy

Following the coronavirus outbreak, redundancies are expected to spike dramatically as businesses struggle to cope with the economic impact and is a decision that many companies will have to make. Read the full article for advice and support.

6 tips to future-proof your employability

How can you look to future-proof your career when on temporary leave, or facing redundancy? In a turbulent working climate, we explore the top skills that will enable you adapt to the new era of jobs.

Keep your job search alive from home

Looking for your next role and unsure about what steps to take? Workplaces are continuing to engage and hire talent by connecting remotely, so it’s time to use technology to your advantage to focus your job hunt from home - here's your action plan.

Preparing for video interviews

Video interviewing isn’t new. Far from it, in fact. Hiring managers and recruitment agents alike have been using tools like this for years now. Prepare for upcoming video interviews with Robert Walters top tips.
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5 LinkedIn profile updates to make today

LinkedIn is a tool used to build professional relationships, so it is important it is updated to reflect the current version of you. Use these 5 tips to help boost your profile.

Download the latest guide to upskilling yourself 

Experts at Robert Walters and our friends at just add water, have devised a guide for anyone to rediscover their career and upskill themselves. We encourage everyone to make full use of the pockets of time available during this period of social distancing to recharge themselves, refresh their career plans, and hone their craft for a better tomorrow. Even as we are forced to adapt to a new way of living and working, we can always take back control of our lives and careers by rediscovering and upskilling ourselves.

Download the Robert Walters guide for expert advice on how to keep your career on track

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